Exactly how to Make a Paracord Jig

This tutorial will show you exactly How to Make a Paracord Jig, a handy device for making paracord arm bands. There are a few constraints to this jig. This specific jig changes by moving the location of the support points in the timber rather than moving the timber. Yet considering this was made in much less than 5 mins and completely free with things laying around the house, it’ll do.

Action 1: Set Up the Materials as well as Equipments

Products you’ll require:

  • Piece of scrap 2x wood regarding 12 ″ -24 ″ long. This particular jig is made with a 2 × 6 that’s about 18 ″.
  • ( 2) Golf Tee’s– Any golf enthusiast will certainly have tons of these. If you don’t golf, ask about. Tee’s are ridiculously low-cost and most golf enthusiasts would be more than willing to provide you 2.

Tools you’ll require:

  • Tape Measure/Ruler/Yard Stick
  • Pen
  • Drill

Step 2: Draw The Line Down the Facility of your 2x

Step 3: Mark Your Base Place and Adjustable Locations

I put my marks for my holes at 6 ″, 7 ″, 8 ″, and 9 ″. You can equally as conveniently add in the 1/2 ″ increments.

Tip 4: Pierce Holes as well as Put the Tees in

Beginning with a little bit smaller sized than you assume you’ll require. You can always measure if needed, but you can’t size down.

I learned via all this that golf tee’s are different thicknesses. So examine your tee’s before you pierce!

Pierce about 1/2 ″ to 3/4 ″ into the 2x.

Done, we have finished How to Make a Paracord Jig, for more details, you can visit the website.

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