DJI Spark 2 Rumors [ And Wish List]

On August 31, 2017, DJI announced the release of the Mavic Pro Platinum. What has a lot of people deeply excited, however, is the DJI Spark 2 Rumors. Most believe the DJI Spark 2 release date will be the second half of 2018, likely sometime after May 2018. What can we expect to see with the new release? First, rumors have said the drone will be larger than the Mavic Pro. You might also get around 35 minutes of flight time, which should impress most drone enthusiasts considering how the average sits at around 25 to 30 minutes of flight time.

The Amazing Spark 2 Drone: Waterproof?

While nothing has been officially released, one of the most anticipated features of the new drone will be how it is waterproof. That means you don’t have to worry as much about water destroying your system. Honestly, we’d even settle for a little water resistance. Even if it isn’t 100 percent waterproof, it makes recording water-based activities like water skiing and wakeboarding easier to record with a drone.

ActiveTrack Feature Improved

A feature with raving popularity, we hope the new Spark 2 will improve upon the earlier setup of ActiveTrack. For example, the old drone might lose its target and spin around endlessly. The feature, however, did well, and if DJI improved upon it, they would be almost guaranteed to cement themselves in history as the best drone manufacturer. It’d be insanely popular, but we hope they don’t inflate the price tag as a result.

Longer Flight Time

Its predecessor had a flight time over around 16 minutes, which was a little below average for the industry. In general, most drones only get 20 to 25 minutes of flight time. DJI Spark 2 rumors are swirling that you could get a minimum of 30 minutes of flight time, but the flight time could be as high as 30 minutes before you have to switch out the battery. Along with the flight time, another area where we could see improvement in the Spark 2 is top speed. The first Spark reached up to 31 mph. However, it wouldn’t surprise us much if the Spark 2 could top out at 40 mph or more.

More Detailed Camera and Improved Gimbal

The original Spark camera was good, but we can expect the latest edition to be better than ever before. For example, we hope the field of vision will be more extended. We’re hoping for around half of what you had with the GoPro Karma. Since they started, DJI continues to make more detailed cameras with a better vision, and we hope the latest will continue along with that trend. As it was with the previous version, the gimbal could heat up fast, and we hope the newer version will be more efficient than ever before.

Obstacle Avoidance Better Than Ever Before

While the current Spark includes front camera sensors, the Spark 2 should have both front and rear sensors to dodge obstacles better. This will give the drone a better balance, and you don’t have to worry as much about it colliding with a tree, rock or building and damaging your drone.

Expect the Big and the Bold

With the new DJI Spark 2, you can expect bigger and better things. This will hopefully become a game changer. For example, you might fold it up to the size of a 1-liter bottle of Coke. Not to mention, the specs also look fairly impressive. We have confidence that we will see a release of the Spark 2. For example, some of the previous customers of the Spark were disheartened because of the weakness in the folding arms on it. It needs stronger joints that won’t eventually fail. In addition, the gimbal guard could have used a little reinforcement. Some of the sources for the new Spark 2 have said that the newest version will have improved robustness. In fact, rumor has it DJI has made this their number one priority.

Quick Setup

What we saw with the original Spark became a revolutionizing feature of the industry because you could take the drone out and put it to flight within seconds—no need to find a proper launching pad. We wouldn’t be real surprised if the new Spark 2 has the same quick setup as the first one. You might get the same fly by gestures, which was wildly appreciated in the last version. However, will they make this even better in the new drone? Most likely, DJI has seen what worked for them in the past, and they will raise the ante with the newer version.

What will Improve the Spark 2 Even More

Some of the suggestions above were nice, but they might not be enough for a lot of people to merit going out and buying a new drone. Here are a few more suggestions that might improve the Spark 2 even more:

360-degree camera

Removable gimbal

Smaller form factor

360-degree obstacle avoidance

360-Degree Camera

As far as cameras go, a 360-degree camera would look impressive. It would make an awesome video even more interactive, and it’d become a welcome addition. We see this as a potential improvement because we know Kodak has been testing 360-degree cameras with the Mavic, and we’d love to see this new addition. It would completely justify the asking price. Having tested a couple LG 360-degree cameras on several different drones, we saw impressive footage. However, even if DJI does decide to add a 360-degree camera, we still hope that you can add your own.

Removable Gimbal

The GoPro Karma has the advantage over the Spark because it lets you take off the gimbal, and you can record astounding still-framed video footage. We’d love to see this in the new Spark 2, but we don’t find it likely because it might require some sacrifice with the flight time and the size of the drone. DJI will most likely not be willing to get rid of either of these things because it’s not consistent with their business pattern and what they have done in the past.

Smaller Form Factor

With the previous Mavic, the company revolutionized drones with how you could fold it up into something smaller than 1-liter Coke bottle. What if they could make it even smaller to the size of a pop can? Even some of DJI’s fiercest competitors like GoPro and Lockheed Martin would have to give DJI a tip of the hat. Drones have no restrictions with height, which makes them the perfect platform for a 360-degree camera.

Voice Commands

We’d love the greater convenience of voice commands introduced into the new Spark. Some of the potentially useful voice commands include, “Fly out X meters,” “Follow me,” or “Return to home.” If DJI has opened their ears to their customer base, they will know how big of a request this has been. Whether DJI will invest the time and energy into appeasing this demand is another story.

Some reliable sources have led to the DJI Spark 2 Rumors, but wishful thinking has played a role in some of the other features on the list and nothing is for certain. Regardless of what they do for the Spark 2, we feel confident the 2018 launch will relay a strong applause from members of the drone community. Even with some of the improvements from its predecessor like foldable arms and obstacle avoidance sensors, you have plenty of other drones that don’t have these improvements, which distinguishes the DJI brand.

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