Best Infant Stroller Guide For 2022

You had the best infant stroller that was great– but now you need a regular stroller. Or, you had a fantastic baby stroller for your initial child, and now you want something lighter. Something that will fit in the trunk of your automobile, or something that’s child seat suitable.

Maybe you’re in the marketplace for your first-ever stroller, for your first-ever child. And also you have no idea what you desire. Other than that you intend to get one, as well as just one, infant stroller. And also possibly you simply need a brand-new infant stroller, since infant strollers don’t last forever.

The bottom line is, the web is absolutely swamped with “best stroller” write-ups, but you’re trying to find something that’s well-researched. An article that’ll inform you what you * truly * would like to know, as well as aid you recognize your needs and also choose the best infant stroller.

The Best Infant Stroller Guide For 2022

In this write-up, we’ll undergo the 6 of the very best baby strollers on the marketplace, including who each one is best for. The plusses and minuses of each, guarantee, car seat compatibility, and what you require to understand before buying.

We’ll likewise speak about the distinction between a newborn baby stroller. And also an infant baby stroller, and also why you may pick one over the various other.

Allow’s begin.

Baby Jogger City Select (Best Overall)

A preferred and versatile baby stroller, Child Jogger’s City Select can be made use of with a regular “toddler” seat, a car seat, or a crib. And also it can additionally be utilized as a double stroller. Fairly valued, with cleanable material as well as a reversible seat. It’s simple to see why this baby stroller has been a favorite of moms and dads worldwide for numerous years.

Despite the company name, this baby stroller is not meant for usage as a running baby stroller.

The excellent: Baby Jogger’s City Select has a reversible young child seat as well as can be utilized with a crib, car seat, or toddler seat. Or any combination of them if you wish to utilize it as a dual infant stroller. The firm likewise offers a variety of safety seat adapters. Offering moms and dads the flexibility to pick from a range of suitable child seat.

The not-so-good: This baby stroller doesn’t totally recline. And you’ll need to acquire both the carrycot and safety seat adapters separately. Likewise, this stroller has a reasonably low weight limitation (45 lbs per seat), and its crib is not planned for night sleeping.

The best: The City Select’s material is detachable as well as equipment washable. As well as the stroller additionally has a hand brake. Also much better, the City Select satisfies Disney’s dimension demands. Both when used as a solitary infant stroller and when used as a dual with both seats encountering forward.

Is it for you? If you’re searching for a functional infant stroller for an affordable rate, Baby Jogger’s City Select is the baby stroller for you.


  • telescoping handlebar.
  • easy fold.
  • hand brake.
  • relatively easy to fix the seat.
  • meets Disney size demands.
  • can be conveniently transformed into a dual stroller.
  • safety seat adaptable.
  • moderately valued.
  • device washable fabric.
  • adapters available for numerous child seats.


  • doesn’t totally recline.
  • safety seat adapters sold separately.
  • cradle sold independently.
  • the weight limit could be higher.

Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller (Best Jogging Stroller)

Thule’s Urban Glide 2 is a conveniently maneuverable running infant stroller offering moms and dads practical pockets for snacks, beverages, and toys. In addition to side ventilation panels to make sure air circulation to the child seat. Its removable canopy and also seat enable parents to change the seat with either a cradle or a child seat.

The excellent: Thule’s Urban Glide 2 is child seat compatible. As well as it has an adjustable handlebar and also great deals of storage room. It additionally provides a small one-hand layer for very easy storage, large, 16″ rear wheels. And also a front wheel that can both lock as well as swivel.

The not-so-good: Infants under 6 months require a bassinet or child seat. And though this baby stroller can approve both, neither is included (nor is the safety seat adapter) and the bassinet is not available in the United States and Canada. It’s also unclear if the material is machine washable.

The most effective: An incorporated hand brake as well as reflective red stripes on both cover as well as wheels provide hard-to-beat security attributes for energetic parents, and also the limited lifetime guarantee promises client fulfillment for many years to come.

Is it for you? If you’re trying to find a high quality running infant stroller with a high weight limit, the Urban Glide 2 is the stroller for you.


  • reflective stripes on the cover as well as wheels.
  • child seat compatible.
  • flexible handlebar.
  • one-hand portable fold.
  • front wheel swivels and also locks.
  • incorporated hand brake.
  • lots of storage area.
  • high weight restriction (75 pounds).
  • restricted lifetime guarantee.
  • side airflow windows.


  • bassinet not offered in North America.
  • car seat as well as an adapter marketed individually.
  • the seat does not recline right.
  • unclear if it is machine washable.
  • babies under 6 months need a child seat or bassinet.

Graco Modes2Grow (Best for Budget)

A convertible yet classic infant stroller, Graco’s Modes2Grow provides moms and dads an integrated cradle as well as adapter-free safety seat compatibility. The baby stroller, which includes a relatively easy to fix kid seat, can be made use of as a solitary baby stroller, a car seat carrier, or a dual baby stroller, with just marginal effort.

The great: Outfitted with Graco’s classic one-hand layer, the Modes2Grow infant stroller stands when folded and can hold any kind of Graco child seat– both in place of and together with the young child seat– no adapters required.

The not-so-good: There’s no info on exactly how to wash the Modes2Grow, and the guarantee is only a one year.

The most effective: With its integrated bassinet as well as the alternative to use it as a dual infant stroller. Graco’s Modes2Grow provides convenient options for first-time parents of newborns. As well as experienced moms and dads inviting their 2nd child.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a flexible infant stroller that offers a crib, car seat, reversible seat, and also dual baby stroller options. Yet you do not intend to break the bank, Graco’s Modes2Grow is the baby stroller for you.


  • stands when folded up.
  • one-hand layer.
  • built-in cradle.
  • no safety seat adapters needed.
  • can be used as a dual infant stroller.
  • extra-large storage basket.
  • the car seat can be used with or without a stroller seat.
  • can be acquired as a traveling system, solitary, or dual baby stroller.
  • reasonably valued.
  • fits any type of Graco child seat.
  • consists of parent and kid cup owners.


  • no information on cleaning instructions.
  • the seat does not recline all the way.
  • car seat bought independently.

Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller (Best Value)

A timeless running stroller, Chicco’s Activ3 Air uses a large canopy as well as a one-hand fold. In addition to a hand brake and also hand-operated front swivel wheel. Lightweight as well as child seat suitable, this running infant stroller enables mom and dad to run easily.

The good: Chicco’s Activ3 Air supplies a mesh panel as well as large cover to keep children amazing. In addition to a parent console as well as the adjustable handlebar. It’s likewise compatible with both the Chicco KeyFit and Fit2 car seats, and also has a huge storage basket.

The not-so-good: Like the majority of running baby strollers, this infant stroller is just appropriate for babies over six months old. Also, its material isn’t equipment cleanable. It requires to be washed by hand– as well as you’ll need to get the car seat adapter independently.

The most effective: With its height-adjustable handlebar, hand-operated front swivel wheel, and also hand brakes. The Activ3 Air jogging baby stroller offers active parents true ease.

Is it for you? If you’re trying to find a jogging baby stroller for your baby, and do not mind an infant stroller that can only be utilized from age 6 months, the Activ3 Air is a great pick.


  • height-adjustable handlebar.
  • child seat compatible.
  • hand-operated swivel.
  • super-large cover.
  • one-hand fold.
  • hand-operated brake.
  • stands when folded.
  • parent cupholders.


  • car seat adapter acquired separately.
  • no info on warranty.
  • hand laundry only.
  • can be difficult to maneuver.
  • ideal from age 6 months.

Chicco Bravo Primo Quick-Fold Stroller (Includes Carry Handle)

Chicco’s Bravo Primo Quick-Fold Baby stroller is a classic-style stroller which can be made use of with a car seat, for children and also children as much as 50 lbs. The baby stroller uses special perks, such as the capacity to convert to a light-weight infant stroller, as well as even more conventional functions– an easy layer, a mesh cover panel, and a large storage basket.

The great: Chicco’s Bravo Primo stroller has plenty of fantastic functions: Its seat insert is reversible, its manage is adjustable, its canopy has a mesh panel to enable much better air movement, and the included moms and dad tray is excellent for holding treats as well as beverages, along with your phone and also tricks.

The not-so-good: There’s no information on for how long the service warranty is, nor does the user’s manual state how to clean the material. Rather, both the site and also manual state to describe the labels on the infant stroller material for care instructions– not fantastic if you’re trying to compare strollers in advance. Also, the seat doesn’t seem to lean also mainly back.

The very best: The Bravo Primo Quick-Fold’s cover and also backrest is removable, enabling use as a light-weight stroller or a structure for a child seat. Plus, its folding handle functions as a bring to deal with, so it’s less complicated to lug the mass.

Is it for you? If you’re on the fence regarding whether you need a baby stroller structure for your safety seat, a normal baby stroller, or a lightweight stroller, Chicco’s Bravo Primo is the stroller for you.


  • reversible seat insert.
  • can transform into the lightweight baby stroller.
  • safety seat suitable.
  • lugging manage.
  • very easy folding device.
  • flexible take care of.
  • stands when folded.
  • zippered pocket.
  • two-parent mug holders.
  • cover has a mesh panel.


  • does not recline completely.
  • no info on washing directions.
  • no details on warranty.

Do you need an exchangeable infant stroller?

Convertible strollers typically offer alternatives for a toddler seat, carrycot and safety seat. Do you require it? That relies on how old your child is– if you’re trying to find an infant stroller for your newborn, your needs will certainly be extremely different than if your child is an older baby, aged six months and up.

For older babies, unless you truly need that safety seat adapter, it might be worth it to skip the convertible strollers, to make sure that you have much less infant equipment lying around, much less to lug around, and it’s less complicated to steer when you’re out and also about.

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What does the stroller’s weight mean for you?

That depends upon your way of living. If you’re taking your baby stroller in and out of your trunk as well as strolling on flat sidewalks and in shopping centers, the infant stroller’s weight isn’t a big deal. Yet if you have a lot of stairs to climb, or you like trekking or live in a hilly area, the added few extra pounds might assist you to build muscular tissues– the arduous method.

Should you purchase a stroller that transforms into a double infant stroller?

Double baby strollers can be found in 3 kinds: side-by-side, in-line, and one youngster over and also slightly behind the other. The majority of the infant strollers in this write-up which transform to a double infant stroller are the 3rd kind– you add a second seat below the very first seat.

If you’re seeking to conserve cash and you’re short on area, this might be a wonderful choice. But if you want your children to be able to connect more, or you prefer to they both be on the exact same level, you might want to skip this choice.

Regardless, buying a “double-able” single infant stroller currently does not devote you to purchasing the second seat or conversion kit in the future, so if you wish to keep your options open, or similar to a certain stroller, there’s no reason not to buy the solitary and make your decision later on when it turns up.

Likewise, if you already have a single baby stroller and also you’re aiming to buy a second baby stroller for child number two, take into consideration placing your baby in a sling for a couple of months, or buying a double baby stroller as opposed to an added single.

Should you acquire a jogging infant stroller?

It’s very easy to see why jogging baby strollers are attractive, yet the reality is that you probably * don’t * need a jogging infant stroller unless you’re presently energetic and plan to maintain running or running throughout your baby’s very first year or two.

On the other hand, jogging strollers are usually strong and often included safety and security functions such as hand brakes and also reflective strips, so if you’re on the fence and your child mores than six months old you could want to buy one anyway.

Can your infant sleep in a baby stroller?

Technically speaking, babies sleep in strollers all the time– and also there isn’t much moms and dads can do about it.

Babies should never ever be put to sleep in something aside from a safe baby crib, however, and also strollers do not allow the baby flexibility of motion, and also can quickly topple if knocked the upside-down.

At the end of the day, baby strollers are developed for walking with, and the presumption is that the parent is right there, continuously, the entire time the baby stroller is in usage. Don’t utilize your baby stroller as a bed for your child.

Should you purchase an infant baby stroller or a newborn baby stroller?

If you’re looking for a stroller for a newborn, you’ll wish to make certain that the stroller you buy isn’t planned for children over the age of six months.

While it’s true that many baby strollers for “older babies” can suit a newborn in a car seat or bassinet, sitting in a child seat for prolonged periods isn’t good for children’s spinal columns, and need to be prevented as much as possible. Also, carrycots– the other newborn choice– typically do not consist of a safety belt.

It’s finest to buy a baby stroller that can be utilized from birth if you have a newborn and also shop for an infant baby stroller if you have a child over six months.

Is it fine if the infant stroller and child seats aren’t suitable?

Definitely! However, it might not be as convenient, given that you’ll need to move your baby from car seat to infant stroller as well as vice versa– even if your infant is sleeping.

On the other hand, if you just need the baby stroller every so often, or seldom usage both the baby stroller as well as child seat in the exact same journey, you may not even see the lack of compatibility.

What type of safety features should you search for?

Every baby stroller needs to have an easy-to-operate five-point harness (which is conventional), functioning brakes that your baby can’t get to, and also durable wheels that enable the baby stroller to rest flat on the ground when it is upright.

Extra safety and security attributes include a bumper bar, reflective stripes, an option to recline the seat, and a huge canopy– preferably with a “peekaboo” home window at the top.

Some strollers also provide mesh covers to keep bugs out.

Additionally, be sure to choose an infant stroller with a broad and sturdy base. As well as a single footrest is preferable to 2 different footrests, considering that tiny legs and also feet can get captured in between them.

Never make use of a safety seat with a stroller that’s not suitable with it, or without a proper adapter. Likewise, don’t hang heavy items on the back of your stroller, considering that it might trigger the infant stroller to tip over.

Don’t utilize the stroller for more kids than it’s meant for, and also make sure your child does not go beyond the maximum weight and elevation allowances discussed in your individual guidebook.

Will you need greater than one baby stroller?

Potentially– yet not always. Several parents favor a lightweight umbrella stroller for young children, but there’s no reason you can’t acquire a strong, premium quality newborn or infant stroller as well as continue using it up until your baby no more requires a baby stroller.

When making a decision whether you require one stroller or even more, consider your way of life, storage area, budget, and what you wish to see in everyone. After that look for a unicorn of a baby stroller that has all of it– and also if there isn’t one, debate whether the functions your favored stroller does not have to deserve acquiring a 2nd baby stroller over.

The bottom line?

If you’re searching for a convertible infant stroller that’s both durable and also has machine-washable textile, you’ll want Baby Jogger’s City Select. If you’re in the marketplace for a running baby stroller, take into consideration Thule’s Urban Glide 2, or select the Chicco Activ3 Air as a budget pick.

Required a high weight limit? The Urban Glide 2 uses a 75-lbs (34 kg) weight limit– adequate to last most kids throughout preschool as well as kindergarten, and also even right into very early elementary school.

Parents that desire safety seat compatibility along with an integrated carrycot will certainly desire Graco’s Modes2Grow. And also if you’re searching for a light-weight baby stroller with a bring to take care of, pick Chicco’s Bravo Primo Quick-Fold stroller.

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