Virtual 5K in Photos

A rare weekend post!

Yesterday was the Catholic Exchange Virtual 5K.  A couple months ago I posted about fitness and health and pledged to train and run/walk/limp/crawl on September 29.

Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh, that didn’t really happen.  The training, I mean.

As you well know, however, ordering a personally designed t-shirt from Cafe Press is akin to signing a contract in your own blood.  So when it arrived in the mail on September 28, I was pretty well stuck.  That, along with these inspiring words from Cari, (the brains behind this Virtual 5K, as well as shirt-designer extraordinaire) convinced me it was a worthy undertaking for a beautiful Saturday morning.

I’m happy to report that

A) I neither limped nor crawled during the race itself.  (Today is a different story.)
B) My family accompanied me for part of it. Best cheering squad ever.
C) The weather was spectacular.
D) In spite of some stiff competition, I was the winner of the South Korea competition!  Go me!

Funny thing is, when you are a mom and pressed for alone time, a 5K takes on a whole different meaning.  I took my fancy-schmancy camera with me and snapped photos for the first half, and then handed off the camera and ran the second half.  Because, hey.  This is my Virtual 55K and I can do what I want.  Including stopping to nurse the baby and eat orange slices halfway through.


  1. Must. Know. What is that tiger picture? I think I’m going to make it my new facebook cover photo.

    And congrats!!!!!

    • Cari, it’s a mural under a bridge that spans the Sincheon River. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it and I go back and forth between being horrified that the women have no faces and loving the grammatical errors that make it so funny.