These are a Few of my Favorite Things


Gorilla Glue. If your kids are sedate and well behaved, and your house is full of lovely things that never get broken by rough little hands (Tania, I’m looking at you), then you won’t have need of this item. If you’re me, though, it’s a lifesaver.

Gorilla glue. as far as I can tell, is just awesome super glue. But oh how it has saved some precious things in our house. Just this week, it put back together my favorite wooden crucifix, and a very special refurbished high chair (Kevin’s when he was a baby, and then used by all of our children).




Nurture Schock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman. While labeled by some as a “parenting book,” I found this book to be exceedingly more interesting than that. It’s laid out as a collection of article-style chapters on a variety of child-related issues. A few examples if issues covered: The Science of Teenage Rebellion, Why White Parents Don’t Talk About Race, Why Kids Lie, The Inverse Power of Praise, and Can Self-Control Be Taught.   It covers the latest research in each area (as of the publication in 2009) but doesn’t spend much time harping on solutions. I found it to be a refreshing book both in it’s style (magazine article-esque, and each chapter is fairly self-contained) and the content. Too many parenting books out there seem to have the answers already built in, and they go searching for the research to support it. This book seems to follow the science where it leads, often with surprising results.

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Twice. I hate shopping for clothes online. I don’t have a classical figure, so I really need to try clothes on. But around here:

Enter: Twice. It’s an online consignment store that sells high end, very gently used clothes for a fraction of their original cost. I got a J. Jill dress and 2 Gap skirts (all in mint condition, and one with the tags still on!) for about $50. I received them in the mail in under 3 days and they are not only adorable, but true to the size listed. There is one skirt that I will be returning because it just doesn’t look right on me. But no worries because their return policy is amazing!

If you sign up with my link, we’ll both get $10 with your first purchase!  Cha-ching!


4. Orpheum Runway Jeans

These Orpheum Runway Jeans  (Mid-rise, dark wash) were an incredible find on Zulily.  I received them in the mail on Saturday and tried them on with a fairly pessimistic attitude.  I was pleasantly surprised!  They’re cute, they fit well, and they’re soft as butter.  OH!  And they have a little bit of stretch but don’t stretch out like so many other pairs I have.

Now if only my tall fall boots would arrive before our trip, I’ll be all set.


5. I Shall Not Walk Alone by Ben Harper

I’ve been to more Ben Harper concerts than all other bands combined.  It’s been a long time, but this is one of my all-time favorites.

When I’m tired and weary,
And the warm wind chills my bones
I reach for Mother Mary
And I shall not walk alone.

Not your cup of tea?  Ms. Hallie and the other linkers always have lovely favorites, too.


  1. Thanks for the Gorilla Glue tip. I keep meaning to grab super glue at the store, as the list of broken things in our house is ever growing! And second Twice (ha). I love that they list the measurements and ship quickly!
    Lisa recently posted…Five Favorites: Style, Spaces, and Austen ParaphernaliaMy Profile

    • Ha! Twice twice!

      How do we break so much? Ere is almost no mess I hate more than the pile of things that need to be repaired. But now that I’ve got GG, I’m all set. I hope.

  2. I need that Gorilla Glue. I have a collection of coffee cups from where Obi and I have been, I just broke my space needle mug. I broke it, not my kids. I break more than everybody else here combined.

    That song is so beautiful, thanks for posting that, what a treasure!
    Rebekah Es recently posted…Desultory Thoughts on The MoviegoerMy Profile

    • I am such a klutz, which makes it all the more terrible that I lose my temper when my kids break “my” stuff. I watch one daughter in particular with amazement… How does she even survive the day? And then I have an out of body experience and see myself. It’s… Awkward.

  3. I get my first order from Twice tomorrow. Can’t wait. $50 got me a Michael Kors skirt, two Banana Republic shirts, an Ann Taylor skirt, and a Calvin Klein shirt. I think it’s going to be a very dangerous relationship with that site.
    Cari recently posted…WWRW: The Search for the Giant SquidMy Profile

  4. I do love me a good book on “child related issues”! I’ll look for this one at the library.
    Maia recently posted…Five FavoritesMy Profile

  5. “Too many parenting books out there seem to have the answers already built in, and they go searching for the research to support it. This book seems to follow the science where it leads, often with surprising results.” Yes! I loved Nurtureshock for the same reason. Long on data and short on advice. Most parenting books are the opposite.
    Laura @ ThisFelicitousLife recently posted…Organizing For People With ADD {Five Favorites}My Profile