Technology Explosion

Blogging may have just gotten a bit easier. 

For the last 2 years, our technology has included:

  • a borrowed laptop with poor memory, very little battery life, spotty Wi-Fi, and a few missing keys to boot (thanks to my beloved babes);
  • a damaged “smart” phone for email access,
  • and just recently an iPhone 3G without phone access (pretty much solely for Wi-Fi access) .

My friends, that was then.  This is now.

My wonderful inlaws just purchased us an iPad 2 to take on our trip overseas.  It is so exciting I can hardly bear to let my beloved husband handle it, much less use it to download apps.  But alas, it is our iPad, not my iPad. So I guess I’ll let him play with it for awhile. Grrr.

Before you go thinking I’m a kind and generous wife, I should come clean.  I am typing this on a brand new laptop.  That’s right.  My younger brother Joseph helped us pick out a new laptop with all the accessories. 

In the course of a few hours, we went from techno deficient, to techno wealthy.