Six Sillies, and a Housekeeping Item

It’s been a loooooong time since I gave a family update.  I know the folks back in Cali are yearning for one.  Even if you don’t know us, I’ve shared some silly stories, so stick around.


Gianna’s smile is about to change again!  I have taken to calling her Snaggle Tooth.

Gigi has become quite the reader.  Just like her mama, she has taken to snuggling up with a book every chance she gets.  She is currently reading the Samantha Collection  (American Girl Stories).


Aliya is in love with babies and toddlers.  This is nothing new, but she has really developed a knack for helping out with the littles.  One of her favorite things is swinging with Zeke.


Gabriel is one of the most active kids I’ve ever met.  I cannot keep up with him.  He also loves to read, though, and will sit for long stretches reciting the words he’s memorized to his favorite books.  His memory is incredible.  He often points out when I’ve “accidentally” skipped a line (or page).
I took this photo today when I realized I was putting on all his outdoor gear while he sat and happily read.  What the…?


Little-known fact: Ezekiel is actually a ghost.  A photo-bombing, house-destroying, repeating-every-word-I-say ghost.

At Ash Wednesday Mass: Ezekiel noticed a man (tall, thin, Filipino) sitting in front of us.  Curious, he points and begins to ask questions.
Zeke: Jee-shush? (Jesus)
Me: No, honey.
Z: Fofef? (Joseph)
Me: No.
Z: Mee-ma? (Mary)
Me: No
Z: (pause) Anta? (Santa)
Me: No. (suppressing a giggle)
Z: Anyong? (“Hello” in Korean, but he calls all Asian people “Anyong.”)
Me: I don’t even…


Last weekend I helped host both a Lenten Soup Supper (Friday) and a brunch on Sunday celebrating our confirmation and the visit of our auxiliary bishop, Bishop Richard Spencer.  He was a delight to be around, a very pastoral man with a southern accent and a way of telling funny stories with a golden nugget of truth.
Nevertheless, I was relieved when the chaotic weekend was over.  Not that you would have guessed or anything.


That redheaded beauty to the left of the bishop above is my little sister, Katerina.  She’s here on a rescue mission visit until the beginning of April.  She hangs out and basically makes everyone’s life a little sunnier.  Here she is playing a mean game of peek-a-boo with Z.

See?  Pure joy.


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Thanks so much to all my loyal readers.  You know I just love you to bits and bits.
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  1. So I think I sort of copied your family update idea without meaning to…

    I need a little sister to help me out, do you have a spare?

    That is so funny about mass and all those questions!

  2. Hopefully you have TWO spare sisters. ‘Cause yeah…I’m gonna need you to go ahead and send one over to me, m’kay?

  3. You are both in luck! I DO have 2 spare sisters. Now if only they would hurry up and graduate from high school I could send them right your way. You wouldn’t be disappointed. They are awesome.

  4. Your kids are so cute! I’m glad your sister was (is?) there for a while. My sister “rescues” me a lot 🙂

  5. love reading your blog and love these pictures. your kids make me smile 🙂