Seven Quick Takes: Gettin’ Lazy ‘Round Here

It’s official.  I’m using Seven Quick Takes as my weekly post.  It is just plain laziness this week.  I’ll try to include some fun photos to liven it up.


Typhoon Sanba gave us an extra day with Daddy this week!  Kevin got his second typhooooooooooon day, so we laid around the house all day.  (Well, everyone but me, but I’ll get to that in a second.)  Below is the river that is less than a mile from our house.  It breached its banks on both sides, flooding a major road on one side and a walking trail/park area on the other.  Talk about exciting!  (Oh, and I did not take this picture.  I got it from the Colorful Daegu Facebook page.  I wish I could give a photo credit, but… well, just head on over to the page and see if you can figure out why that ain’t happening today.)

This is what I did all day on Monday!  It’s called organization and it has eluded me for months.  The new and improved playroom makes me so happy I could skip around singing.  But you don’t want to see me skipping, as I’m a terrible klutz.  I’m not a bad singer, though, at least by Catholic standards.    

Want to come and play at our house?
Someone taught Ezekiel how to photo bomb!  I actually have Zeke-free versions of most of these pics, but I thought it was too funny to pass up.

September 20 is the feast of St. Andrew Kim Taegon, and St. Paul Chong Hasang. St. Andrew Kim (above) was the first ordained Korean priest and was martyred only a year after his ordination, as was his father 25 years prior.  The history of the Catholic Church in Korea is fascinating.  Happy feast day!

It’s been awhile since I updated you on the kidlets.

Gianna is silly, sassy and sweet.  She’s growing into quite the little helper and does many many things for me without being asked.  Her favorite pastime these days is jumping rope, which she does with gleeful abandon nearly every darn place we are.  Once again, I am so so grateful we live on the first floor.

Another photo bomb.  Must be a family trait.
Aliya is quite the naturalist.  We’ve got a bird feeder outside which the birds stubbornly refuse to find, and it causes Aliya a lot of frustration.  (Tomorrow I simply must make good on my promise to help her make a new kind of bird feeder.  Maybe it needs to be a high-rise?)  Anyway, Aliya is taking to math and reading quite happily, and always enjoys the stories I read.  But her true passion is playing any sort of imaginary game with her little brothers.

She’s eating a Korean rice cake which, incidentally, are the bomb.  But not a photo bomb.

Gabriel is the kid everyone loves, and also the two year old in constant motion.  Constant. Motion.  I am only able to keep up with this kid by the grace of God.  He is really developing his imagination and for the most part enjoys being bossed around by playing with his sisters.  If something is amiss though, I am sure to hear about it.  Even from a mile away in a dead sleep, this kid will wake me to shriek at tell me about an injustice done unto him.  Still, he’s cute, right?  Yeah. I think so too.

I just don’t understand why my mommy dresses me like a convict.
I’ve gotta get in here and spring my brother from the clink.  He was framed.  Framed, I say!
Ezekiel is into everything.  Every. Thing.  Above he is trying to breach this elusive barrier that the Daegu Arboretum erected to keep him from enjoying/discovering/destroying… whatever is on the other side.  Honestly, it doesn’t much matter what it is.  This kid just wants to get to it, look at it, possibly ingest some of it, and then throw it all over the floor.

Whoops!  Do you think she saw me trying to get under this thing 2 seconds ago?  Better smile and act cute!
There you have it, folks.  And since I’ve already probably raised some red flags over at  Homeland Security for excessive use of the word “bomb,” I gotta bomb on outta here.  Peace!

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