Registration for St Joan of Arc Women’s Conference

Friends! The day has arrived! Below are the instructions for registration. For info on speakers, location, etc, please check out last week’s post.

In order to register, please complete both of these steps:

1) Fill out and submit the Google form below, AND

2) PayPal the registration fee of $52* to (That’s short for So Cal Catholic Women’s Conference, in case you’re wondering.)

*In doing the budget we realized the 7% PayPal fee was going to make a serious dent in the awesome plans we’ve made for you ladies, so we’re asking you to split it with us; hence, the $2 extra. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Step 1: (If you can’t see the Google form, click here.)

Step 2: Pay all your fees via PayPal.

Don’t forget to add any optional costs, such as the tote bag and donations. Remember that prices go up to $62 on September 16, so get your registration in soon!

One last thing:






  1. Looking forward to it!

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