Me, according to Facebook


As I mentioned last week, Jennifer, the Quick Takes Hostess with the Mostest, is very sick.  She is pregnant and fighting to heal some nasty pulmonary embolisms.  Jen (and baby) are home now, but in a lot of discomfort, and will be on bed rest for the next several months.  For an expecting mom of 5, you can imagine that is no small task.  The doctors have told her it will be about 3 months before she is well.  (!!!) Would you please pray for her?  And if you want to make a donation to help her cover her medical expenses and various and sundry other costs, head on over to Hallie at Moxie Wife. (Edit: The Fulwilers have received an outpouring of generosity and are no longer in need of financial help.  Thanks to all who donated!  They continue to need your prayers, of course.)


We’re a co-sleeping family, at least with the little kids.  When they are newborns, it’s dreamy.  When they are toddlers that kick you in the head, it’s a little more challenging, but mostly still cuddly and snuggly and not something I want to change.

And then there are nights like last Tuesday when I just want to poke my own eyes out.


I hate the end of the Christmas season.  Technically what I dislike is the taking down of all the decorations and the hunting down of all the minutiae.  (We are still missing 2 baby Jesus figures.  One was last seen in the Batmobile.) Deep down, though, what I really hate is admitting that all the cuddly warmth of the holidays is over and now there is only… January.  Cold, bleak January.

But it’s still Christmas!  At least according to the liturgical seasons of the Church!


Have I mentioned that I’ve been called crunchy, a hippie, a granola mom?  Probably.  If you weren’t sure, here’s a little evidence.


I’m not much of a housekeeper.  I try really really hard, but due to my self-diagnosed adult ADD it can be a real challenge for me.  Sometimes I get to the end of the day and realize I spent most of my day cleaning the house, and it’s still a mess!  So today I decided to focus on connecting with the kids.  I also thought that if I was with them every second I’d be more able to keep on top of the mess and it would stay tidier.


As I mentioned in my last post (just a few hours ago!  I’m on a roll!) I just purchased Photoshop Elements 11.  I’ve spent a lot of time each night hunched over the laptop, learning the ins and outs. The other night I felt the need to send out an SOS.  For the kids’ sakes at least.


I love this woman and everything she stands for.


Seeing as the vast majority of my readers are my FB friends, it would appear I’ve written the most redundant post ever.  Happy Friday anyway!

Head on over to Jen, who is back to hosting this week’s Quick Takes.  Welcome back!


  1. I stand by my “It’s like crack” statement.

    And it’s funny. I always feel lighter after putting up my Christmas decorations. Like I’m getting a jump on spring cleaning or something.

    Or maybe I’m just relieved that SOME of them survived Hurricane John-Luke, and I don’t want to press my luck any further.

    • Cari, the three oldest ornaments on our tree (Kevin’s from 1977, ’78, and ’80) all were broken by Hurricane Zeke this year. Sad face.

      I admire your positive attitude on cleaning/de-cluttering. I usually feel good after, but I always always whine and moan during. Poor me.

  2. Hahaha oh my goodness, this post definitely made me giggle especially #2 and #4. Ridiculously inconvenient but oh so cute! And I’m with Robin… I didn’t realize it was technically until Baptism of the Lord until recently!

    • Me neither, Jiza! Don’t know where I’ve been. We always celebrated until the Epiphany, and then this year hubby looked it up. When I saw that meme I had to post it to his wall.

  3. It definitely wasn’t a redundant post for me! And Ezekiel sounds adorable; that singing in bed thing? Sounds like something I would’ve done as a child.