Lessons from this Week

Oy.  This week has been a doozy.  Notice my last post was last Sunday, which normally I wouldn’t “count” as my post for this week.  But it had to “count” because I’ve been too busy with my fingers in my ears singing “LALALALALALA!” to sit down and type.

You know what I’m talking about.  Like how you get so frustrated/annoyed with your kids for not learning the lesson you just told them 14,000 times in 7,000 different ways and if they just LISTENED to you they would know they shouldn’t [insert bad behavior here.]  Turns out I do the same thing (not listening), and that God is probably thinking about me exactly what I think about my children.


Get more sleep. Seriously Micaela, go to bed earlier.  On Wednesday night, Ezekiel began waking up every 30 minutes.  Feverish, inconsolable, uncomfortable in his own skin, absolutely nothing made him happy.  This joy last all. night. long.  During the day he was only marginally less needy.  And I, being the night owl that I am, was ill-equipped to handle this sudden shift of a-few-hours-of-sleep to no-sleep.

My stop-gap measure was to drink more coffee, which seemed like a fine idea until it interfered with the lesson I’m supposed to be learning (see above) by keeping me up too late again!  Arg!


Be more patient. I’m a pretty impatient person, especially with my children.  This is hard for me to admit because what I want to be is loving and patient and calm and kind. But in reality my baseline is more like this: I want things done a certain way (well), in the time frame I deem acceptable (now).

So when the smallest human in my immediate care is, for no apparent reason, sleeping poorly and at random intervals, it forces me to slow down.  To meet everyone’s needs as best I can and let the small stuff like official homeschooling and the housework fall apart a little bit.  It’s actually quite a bit easier for me to be patient with a sick child than a well one.  And almost the only time I don’t give myself a hard time about not getting stuff done is when I have a sick little one on my hands. Now to work on this patience when everyone is well…


Get help when you need it. I fancy myself a bit of a diagnostician when it comes to family maladies.  I own an otoscope and a thermometer and find that these two tools come in quite handy in determining childhood illnesses.  I also like to treat my children at home whenever possible.

But this morning the OTHER three small humans in my immediate care (who are thankfully more verbal than Ezekiel) had fevers and headaches and nausea. I realized then that this… whatever… had passed my diagnosing skills and I needed assistance from a professional.


Herpangina is no fun at all.

(OK, that’s not broad a life lesson.  But it is something I learned this week.  First time.  I can be quick on the uptake when I need to be.)

Herpangina is basically the “Mouth” in Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.  (Not Hoof and Mouth!)  It is sores inside the mouth which, while themselves are not painful, coincide with a fever, headache, and vomiting.  Lovely.


Food is deliciously good medicine. With the mouth sores and fevers, no one is particularly hungry around here.  But the food I am giving them is good, solid, immune-boosting nutrition.  It’s been a passion of mine for some time, but I’ve let it fall by the wayside.  It felt really good to get back on track with that.  Chicken broth, green juices, and pumpkin custard were all included in today’s menu.

Medicine is also good medicine. Nothing beats Korean ibuprofen for helping a feverish kid get some much needed shut-eye.  I don’t know what they put in that stuff, but man oh man, it blows infant Motrin out of the water.


Sometimes weekday TV is ok.  Usually we keep television to the weekends.  It keeps me from relying on it to “get things done” and forces allows the kids to entertain themselves.

But come on.  Sometimes, when you have a headache and a fever and your whole body aches, just laying and watching the boob tube is a nice way to pass what would otherwise be a hellish few hours.


I am blessed.  So very blessed. 

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