Ironic. Or is it?

UPDATE: I got the best news ever! Camera was returned to the gym and I’m going to pick it up in the morning. Thank you, thank you, thank for all your prayers, re-posts, and advice.  You people totally rock.

Today I was mentally composing a post on how wonderful it is not to have any stuff.  What? You’re tired of hearing me say that? Well, too bad. I really AM happier and more carefree – a lot more carefree – without all my junk hanging around.

It just so happened that today was a day I had to keep the kids out all day, so the professional house cleaners could un-gross-ify our apartment for the next renters.  We went to about 20 different places, the boys (sort of) napped in the car, etc. So it wasn’t until I was home, gathering our minimalist belongings from the floor of our borrowed van that I realized I was missing one very important possession.
My camera bag, camera, and extra lens.
Short version: I left it, along with two of the kids’ sweatshirts, inside a locker at the gym after swimming.  The next person who came along thought it was Christmas-in-June and took all the items.  The gym doesn’t keep track of who checks out what locker.  So unless the woman in question develops her conscience between now and Saturday when we fly out of here… I am out of luck.
Yes, I know it’s not one of my children.  I know it’s just a silly possession and I shouldn’t care at all about losing it.  But right now I am darned near as devastated as someone can be at losing a piece of technology.
If you live in Daegu: would you share this post on your wall?
Black and silver Sony C-3 DSLR, with kit lens AND 50 mm/1.8 lens, inside a black camera bag that is red and gray inside.  
Boys brown zip-up sweatshirt, girls pullover teal sweatshirt with silver studs in the shape of a heart

Please return (no questions asked) to Kelly Gym front desk.
If you pray, would you pray for a) the woman to turn in the camera ASAP, and b) for me to let go of my attachment to material possessions.  Either that or for me to get her address and political immunity?  Joking… sort of.

P.S. I titled this post “Ironic,” but I had to add the “Or is it?” because like Cari, Alannis Morisette completely confused me on the actual definition and now I never know if I’m using it correctly. Thank y


  1. SOOOO sorry…that hurts my heart.

  2. Oh so sad/frustrating/angering! Praying for the taker’s change of heart, and quick!
    Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, please come around!

  3. Agh! So sad! Praying for a return!

  4. Will certainly pray! Gosh, my first camera was stolen out of my car, and I was devastated. I took the opportunity, though, to upgrade to a digital, and I tell myself that the money I spent buying another one was saved and then some in not having to print pictures.

    If it’s not returned . . . maybe it’s a sign it’s time to treat yourself to a new one?

  5. NOOOOOOO!!!!!

  6. I see your getting your camera back!! Aweeesome!!! So happy that she turned it back in!!

    And, I totally know what you mean about being happier with less stuff. I feel the same way…I love seeing a “mostly” empty house and just having less stuff around.