Heaven Help Me: 7 Posts in 7 Days

Jen @ Conversion Diary is hosting 7 Posts in 7 Days again.  Because I am masochistic stupid a glutton for punishment dedicated and have already forgotten how miserable I was challenging it was last time, I signed right up.

BUT!  I’m making a few additional rules for myself.

1: Limit the link-ups.  I am such a sucker for link-ups, but I sort of feel like that’s all my blogging has been lately.  All link love, little to no thoughtful content.  So I’m going to limit my link-ups, or in the case of the links I love, I’m going to do them in addition to the other 7 posts.  I believe that’s what they call “upping the ante.” {SMACKS FOREHEAD}

2: Write in the morning.  Part of my struggle to blog lately is that my evenings have been full.  Wonderfully busy with classes and family and husband time, but full nonetheless.  Blogging has to take a back seat sometime, and that’s fine, because it is, after all, a hobby.  But rather than sacrifice family time, I’m going to subtract my usual morning email/Facebook time and write then instead.  If I feel reeeeeeally grown up, I may even try and get up before the kids.  But probably not.

3: Limit writing time to 45 minutes.  I am a perfectionist to the Nth degree.  I often spend hours and hours polishing a post after it’s complete.  No can do this week, friends.  You’re going to get raw stuff from me.

I’m also going to do my best to read other blogs this week.  I’m a terrible blog friend, even though I don’t mean to be.  If you plan to participate in 7 x 7, comment below and I will try to visit you this week.

Now for your part:

What do you want me to write about?  I have 3 post ideas swirling around in my head, but I need ideas for 4 more.  Natural childbirth or parenting?  Korea?  California?  Food?  Photography?  Homeschooling?  String Theory?  (Please don’t pick string theory.) You name it, and I’ll try to do it.



  1. I seriously need to clear off my schedule next week. Between writing my 7 posts and trying to read others posts, I’ll have little time for anything else. LOL. I agree with what you said about the link-ups. I rely on those too much and write little else. ugh. As for your writing topics I vote for parenting, California (I’m biased), food or photography. Looking forward to reading what you come up with. 🙂
    bobbi @ revolution of love recently posted…7 Posts In 7 Days & I’ve Picked Three New (to Me) Blogs to Follow Next WeekMy Profile

  2. I’d like to know more about Korea and your every day life experiences there, like how did you celebrate your faith and best things about homeschooling there?

  3. I love parenting posts, so I vote for that!
    Amelia @ One Catholic Mama recently posted…Tales from the Convalescent HomeMy Profile

  4. Have fun and good luck, Micaela!
    I joined the 7 in 7 last time Jen offered it ( I believe it was during the summer though…?) Now I’m swamped and haven’t even blogged since Tuesday! It’s awesome and a real feeling of accomplishment will be gained….you’ll love it,.

    I know what you mean by limiting the link ups and writing real content! I feel sometimes like that’s what’s happening to me too. I’ve also taken on several reviews and sponsored giveaways and while a few have come with pretty nice advantages, they are all coming “due” now and my focus is organizing their postings rather than writing about what I;d really like to write about…..It’s made me realize I’m not a curriculum review blogger, really…..after I finish this round of them, I’m done for quite a while and will focus on blogging for the reasons I began blogging….to write.:)

    Enjoy the 7 in 7. I’ll be visiting, no matter what you write about.:)

    Chris recently posted…An Explosive Volcano Cake & Resources for Your Science Theme Birthday Party!My Profile

  5. I love all your posts, but you especially inspire me with your homeschooling mojo. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in that there head.

  6. I want to do the 7 posts too, and want to stop relying on link-ups…but don’t know if that will actually happen. 🙂 I vote for Korea and homeschooling.
    Catherine recently posted…Dishes: Theme ThursdayMy Profile

  7. Love the extra guidelines you are giving yourself Micaela. I am signed on for 7×7 too…a challenge, to be sure! Look forward to reading whatever you choose to write.
    Elise recently posted…7 Quick Takes {no. 10}My Profile

  8. I’m in! See you on the blogosphere erryday this week!
    Jenny recently posted…On Community (and Chickens)My Profile

  9. Korea! I want to know all about the matching clothes. And some Catholic stuff. But really, I want to hear about the crazy.
    Kendra recently posted…How to Love Your Kids and Like Them TooMy Profile

  10. Lady, it’s not your house that impresses me, it’s YOU!

  11. Rebekah Es says:

    Photos. Love your photos!

  12. Korea sounds interesting. And speaking of Korea, while you lived there did you ever hear about Yuna Kim the Catholic figure skater who’s been in the last two Olympics? She makes the sign of the cross before coming out on the ice. Except that they deliberately censored it this time around from what I understand. I’ve seen her do it on youtube in past competitions but not at Sochi.


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