Happy Birthday, Ezekiel!

Doing a double-take?  No, you’re not crazy.  Yesterday was Kevin’s birthday and today is Ezekiel’s birthday.  Last year this week was a little, um, hectic.

Dear Ezekiel,

This is me the day you were born:

Whoa, Nelly.  That’s a whole lotta belly.

This is me later that same day:

Do I look happier or what?  Maybe it’s because of the adorable toddler I am holding in my arms.  
Oh, wait.  That’s you!  

Here you are a couple days after we moved to Korea.

Uh, can somebody explain to me where the heck I am?
And here you are today on your first birthday:
 Yay!  My first cupcake!

Can somebody please explain to me why my first cupcake tastes suspiciously like pumpkin and coconut?  Where are all the artificial ingredients?  I deserve them, darn it!

MMM, this bell tastes better than my cupcake!

Ezekiel, you are the light of our lives.  I cannot even believe you are one.  I have lots of prayers for you as you grow.  But I will distill it down to the most important.
Dear Heavenly Father,

Please bless Zeke with grace to grow in holiness, and give him as much joy in his life as he brings to us.  Oh, and if it’s not too much trouble, could You double his guardian angel’s duty? Zeke seems to very adept at putting himself in constant danger.