h3; Heartbreaking, Heartfelt Wishes, I Heart Him



Zeke began today with a bang.  Actually, it was more a THUMP and then a WHACK.

He was cruising along our nightstand (more of a table, really) when he lost his balance and fell back, pulling the table down with him.  BUMP went his head on the wood floor, and WHACK went the table directly on his eyebrow ridge.  An actual head wound?  A first for our little family, I think.  Breaking my heart.

We wondered if he would need stitches, but after getting a second opinion from this guy:

we figured he would heal up just fine.  What, you don’t trust this guy?  I do.  Mohawks practically scream: “reliable responsible adult with actual medic experience,” at least where I come from.

By the way, did you notice the funny shirt I put on Zeke?  The photo is a little blurry (dang iPad) but it is a monkey with a band-aid on the forehead and says ‘Chicks dig scars.’  I swear, it was the only clean t-shirt he had, and I didn’t even notice the humor until Kevin pointed it out.

Heartfelt wishes

My sister-in-law Vanessa (aka fabulosa neighbor, coffee buddy and wife of that guy pictured above) is about to hit 37 weeks of pregnancy!  She had her first baby at 37 weeks 3 days or something, so we are all on major Baby Watch 2012.  Praying for a safe and peaceful birth of their second little girl.  Can’t wait to hold her!

I Heart Him!

Today Ezekiel took his first real steps!  Usually I am the mom that inwardly screams, “No!  Don’t learn to walk!  That only means more work for me and danger for you!”  But let’s be honest.  Ezekiel already puts himself in enough danger through his crawling/climbing antics.  Walking may prove to be a welcome relief.  Plus, I’ve been the personal chauffeur of a non-walking baby for over 3 years consecutively (including gestation).  Time for mama to get a little break! 

Anyway, when he took his first 2 “real” steps and then sat down, we all cheered wildly. And because he is such a ham, this little guy decided we were clapping for the falling (not the walking) so proceeded to repeatedly stand up, take one step, and then sit down dramatically, with a giant smile on his face.  I heart him!


Here’s How to Play h³:
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  1. awh….sorry to hear the little one took a spill but must say one of many…i can remember when aubrey was running in my apartment in california and ran into the light switch on the wall on xmas eve and had to have 8 stitches…need i say my parents were there visiting from the east coast. was definately something i will never forget…i hear you about there little spills…but they just get up and keep on going..your children are adorable and getting so big…i know many people in california are waiting for you to come for your visit…love reading your stories…have a good week…cathy smolinsky @family