Coincidence? I think not…


As a young wife, I began a love affair with Trader Joe.  He was a calm port in the storm of grocery store strikes, a haven for those in Southern California who didn’t want to cross picket lines.


But our love outlasted the union turmoil, and it grew as our family grew.  Organic produce at a reasonable price? Sure.  Snacks without HFCS? But, of course.  2 buck Chuck? Ah, yes.


Imagine then, the thought at leaving my beloved Joe and heading overseas where I would be subject to <gasp> mainstream groceries at the on-base commissary.  While I always knew I was lucky to have Joe, I never realized just how much it would hurt to leave him behind.


One particular day in Korea, I found myself near tears in the frozen section of the commissary when I thought they had discontinued what was nearly the only organic meat they carried.  This is a true story folks, and embarrassingly there are witnesses to prove it.


But I’m back.  And apparently Joe was paying attention.  Because what greets me every time I visit? Secret little love notes that tell me that my time in Korea was not lost on him.




This dish always actually seemed gross to me, so I never tried it overseas. Nice try, though, Joe.





Jeju is an island off the south coast of Korea. Jeju fresh mandarins are by far the best I’ve ever had.


Oh, I know these have been around for awhile. It just shows that Joe knows me better than I know myself.


Coincidence? I think not.

I’m not blind, Joe.  I can see how much you’ve missed me.  I’m back, though, and to show my devotion, I even moved to the same town as your corporate headquarters.  Next on my list of “Honey-Do-Carry” list: raw milk.





  1. I actually really like those seaweed snacks. My kids hate them (oh well…more for me), but I really like the.
    Amelia recently posted…Best, best, best, best, best ever lemon squares and gluten free to boot.My Profile

  2. <3 TJ

  3. Yup, you went to Korea and started the TJ trend 🙂
    Colleen Martin recently posted…Notes from the GymMy Profile

  4. i know, isn’t it crazy how much korean stuff TJ’s carry now. we actually get most of that stuff, and love the beef short ribs. we need to hang out MIcaela. so glad u guys are back!