Calling all Catholic Women Bloggers!

Something astounding happened on Facebook the other day.  (Inconceivable!)  It began with a fellow blogger asking a group about which conferences, if any, we would be attending this year.  In the comment thread all sorts of women from all over the country began offering to host regional blogger conferences.  As the comment thread topped 90 (not a typo) comments, I realized why.

We are hungering for community.

(Yes, blogging has created community, and yes, I consider myself friends with some people whom I have “only” met online.  There’s something very valuable, however, in cementing those relationships in actual face-to-face contact.  After all, Christ (ahem, God) came in the flesh, so there must be something fundamentally special about experiencing something first hand with our bodies, with our senses.)

The excitement didn’t stop there, though.  Many of us grabbed the bull by the horns (or the computer by the keyboard, if you will) and began planning.  Pardon me whilst I commence with the dropping of the names, yo.

Jenna of A Mama Collective and Blessed is She devotions

Kendra of Catholic All Year,

Kristin of Healthy Happy Home as well as This Inspired Life podcasts,

and little ol’ moi have got fun, inspiration, and connection in the works.


Catholic Women Blogging Network Conference: California 2015


But we need your help!

Do you know other female Catholic bloggers in the west/southwest region?  

Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, California, is Colorado too far?  We’d like to invite as many people as possible to participate.  Big bloggers, small bloggers (There are no small bloggers, only small blogs.  Wait, what?),  single women, wives, mothers, grandmothers.  All are welcome!

Edited to add (because I am a goober and forgot to include this before): for now, the very best way for you to get information about the conference is by joining the CWBN // CA Conference Facebook page.  If you don’t have Facebook, you can still come of course.  You just may get the information a tad bit more slowly.

Please share this post on your Facebook wall even if you’re not in our region (you know how small this world is), forward this to other bloggers who might be interested, leave their names and/or URLs in the comment boxes below, or email me directly (micaela dot darr at gmail dot com).

I know this conference will be amazing one way or another, but I hope we get to see as many of you as possible there.

P.S. There are some other regional conferences in the works.  Leave me a comment or shoot me an email if you’d like me to connect you with other groups.


  1. Hi umm….how about readers of Catholic blogs? Denver, Colo.

    • Hi Michelle! You are certainly welcome to come, but it might be kind of boring for you. We’ll do Catholic women stuff, but also a lot of blogging stuff. Have you considered The Edel Gathering? If not that, then perhaps you should start a blog and then come to CA!

  2. Me! Me! Me! Pick me!!! 🙂
    Maia recently posted…from the whirlwind…a winner!My Profile

  3. Southeast (Atlanta)
    Elizabeth Copeland recently posted…My Trick For Washing A King Size Comforter At HomeMy Profile

  4. I’m in Ventura- ‘Best Bib and Tucker’ (formerly caffeinated Catholic mama) is in Pasadena-
    priest’s wife @byzcathwife recently posted…breaking the rule of never blogging about blogging- when is ‘authenticity’ wrong?My Profile

  5. I told the husband that we were planning a “West Coast Catholic Women Blogger’s Conference” at our house and he said, “Don’t you two do that every Monday?”
    Kendra recently posted…What I Did on My Christmas VacationMy Profile

  6. Genevieve Tatco-Villamayor says:

    If I have a blog and I am Catholic but I only have 1 entry which I think only my husband has seen… does that make me a Catholic blogger? I’m just trying to find an excuse to be invited lol. 🙂

    • Yes, you have fulfilled the requirements. 🙂 Come! Are you on Facebook? I can add you to the group where we’re sharing details, etc.

  7. Is there an Iowa/Illinois conference? Hint hint Bonnie.
    Madeline recently posted…As Long As You Did Your Best Right?My Profile

  8. I am in California and would be interested in hearing about the details when you have them.
    Jennifer @ Little Silly Goose recently posted…Holidays at the new house part 1: Halloween 2014My Profile

  9. this is awesome! And… Ohio is up and running for those on the other side of the country. Date is in May and details are coming soon. 🙂

  10. This is so exciting! My hubby gave me the okay so I should be there.
    Bobbi @ revolution of love recently posted…Pinterest Party & Link-up (vol 34): Epiphany PartyMy Profile

  11. Hi! I’ve been blogging for 7 years at, but recently moved to I live in Seattle and would love to see some more community building in the Pacific Northwest!

  12. Does Western CANADA count?!

  13. So bummed I won’t be able to make the Ohio one due to being due EXACTLY on the date it’s being held! But I usually go early…think my midwife would clear me for a four hour car ride a few days after giving birth???
    Mary @ Better Than Eden recently posted…It’s Ordinary Time…We Need a Giveaway!My Profile

  14. Very small-time blogger here. I hit join the group so I guess the request is pending. This sounds like such a cool thing!
    Whitney recently posted…52 Lists, Week 2My Profile

  15. This is so great, I am definitely in. I joined CA Conference Group on Facebook and I can hardly wait for more details, Thank you.