Bloglovin’ is a Dumb Name for a Feed Reader

… but it looks like this is the reader people are switching to from Google Reader?  Ugh.  I seriously cannot say “Bloglovin'” without grimacing.

Blah  blah blah.  In order to claim my blog as my own I have to write this dumb post.  Sorry for wasting your time.  However, if you want to follow me on the New Reader Who Shall Not Be Named, click here: Follow my blog with Bloglovin or on the button in the upper right corner of the sidebar.

Maybe this pretty picture will make up for it?


  1. I also think the name is stah-ooooo-pid.
    Those flowers are v.v. pretty, though.

  2. Totally made up for it…is that what is going on in your part of the world??? Just gorgeous.

  3. Check out Feedly… FAVORITE READER EVER!!!! (not to further distract you from bloglovin’) 😉 It looks like a really pretty magazine… and I love how the posts look. It’s just smooth. It also has some cool little buttons (if you are a chrome user) that you can instantly add blogs to your feed and so on…

    • Michelle, I have both Bloglovin and Feedly going right now. I admit that Feedly is much much prettier, and I’m leaning that way. On the other hand, I haven’t been able to track down any HTML coding for how to refer people who don’t have Chrome to my Feedly… Feed? Ay ideas on how to do that?

    • Feedly runs off of Google Reader. So, if someone uses Google reader, then can use Feedly to look at a prettier feed. So – there is no button required… it’s more about the readers/users knowing about feedly as a better reading tool than google reader. (I know Bloglovin’ is a network, so you have to point readers into that login… kinda like “networked blogs”… which used to be a site like bloglovin’ but is now a FB app. I wouldn’t be surprised if Twitter or FB aquire bloglovin eventually.) I think Feedly works on other browswers too… not 100% sure… but, I used to use it on Firefox… not sure about IE or Safari (but who uses those anyways?! 😉 ) Love how feedly looks on ipad/iphone too.

  4. Just switched to Feedly and LOVE IT. The way you find blogs on Feedly is to simply type in the web address. For those blogs I already followed on Reader, they just showed up when I signed up for Feedly. The new blogs I’ve followed since switching, I just typed in the web address, or searched for the name in the search field.

  5. Oh, and I use it on Firefox.

  6. One thing I’ve thought about recently is to remember to consider overseas audiences as well. Some people on twitter, such as the Japanese, with millions of users. Obviously there are problems where promotors don’t communicate in their fan’s native language. But think about it: just one once-a-week translator could build 100,000 customers. Wouldn’t that be worth it?