Baby is here!

After moaning and complaining for weeks about how difficult it is to wait for our baby girl to arrive, she finally decided to get a move on.

Rosalie Michele was born on Monday. She has quite a birth story, which you can preview by clicking here. I’ll have the full version for you ASAP. I’m the meantime, enjoy this recycled Instagram post:


And this classy shot, courtesy of my doula. From the front seat of the car. Where Rosie was born.


All class, all the time. That’s us.


  1. You are a rock star!!

  2. Abby Soejoto says:

    So beautiful!! We can’t wait to meet Rosie. And way to make the local news. Love it!

  3. I’ve seen your sweetie on FB and celebrated with you already, but I had to click over for more pics of your little miracle….Micaela, the top pic is just gorgeous. What an amazing shot of her!
    But the bottom one? Literally it brought tears to my eyes to see you, just so ecstatic and beautiful, holding her and ~~~ your husband….his expression. That photograph has to be in the top few of the most priceless pictures I have ever seen. That speaks so much to the love you two have for your family and each other. I’m so moved….congratulations!!!
    Just amazing.

    Can’t wait for more!!
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  4. Ah, that bottom picture is priceless!! And the expression on your husband’s face!! I just cannot wait to hear the story! But no pressure ๐Ÿ˜‰
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  5. Congratulations!!! I love that it made the newspaper and all!!
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  6. Rebekah Es says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What!!!!!!!!! I was totally not expecting that plot twist! She is gorgeous and so are you. And Kevin. Congratulations!!!!

  7. Rosalie’s Iowa BFF sends her love and her infinite wisdom of 6 weeks experience. Congratulations Darr family!! She is lovely and I can’t decide if this is more or less exciting than your accidental unassisted home birth but either way a wonderful story to tell!!
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  8. So amazing Micaela! I’m so glad she’s here, you’re amazing!
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  9. Congratulations Micaela! Can’t wait to read the front seat birth (no pressure to blog)
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  10. Excellent pictures!
    Welcome to her!
    Congratulations to you all!
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  11. I am SO excited for this birth story!!! Also, I hope you have all the kids memorize the Rosie song from Bye Bye Birdie and sing it to her all the time ๐Ÿ™‚
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  12. Congratulations! What an entrance! God bless your family.

  13. Congratulations! Micaela!! So sweet baby.
    We are nice. In’s very cold these days. A few days ago, it snowed a little bit in Daegu.
    Cindy will start winter vaction soon.(24th Dec). Diana will graduate pre-school this month. I am same as usaual. Byungwook,too.
    We miss your family and take care and say hello to Kevin and kids.~bye

  14. You are so amazing and I love that photo of you, Rosalie, and your husband. It’s so beautiful and filled with so much love! You’re and Dwija are my mama heroes! In a car! Her at home on a whim! Still can’t wrap my head around that. Prayers for you and your beautiful family!
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  15. Congratulations again! I just love the name Rosalie too! And what a sweet picture of your family–the joy on your faces is priceless.
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  16. Just can’t imagine this, Michaela! Congratulations, again, on your sweet blessing.
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  17. She was born in the car??? Oh wow!!! Congratulations for a most gorgeous baby!! Love the photos!