7 Quick Takes, the pregnant and grumpy edition

I’m leaving for our Friday park day in 30 minutes. Think I can manage some truly quick takes? Yeah. Me neither. But I’ll give it a try anyway.

1. I’m due on Monday.

I love saying that. I’ve looked “so pregnant” for so long that people have been giving me the “any day now” comment for a month or two. It’s quite satisfying, when people ask me when I’m due, to say a day of the week instead of a number of weeks.

2. I am not a patient person.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I can be so patient. The short answer: I’m not. I just fake it in public.

Case in point: I’m doing every natural thing under the sun to get this baby to come. Walking, exercises, chiropractic (more on this in #3), teas, stair climbing, praying, etc. I know. I’m not even overdue. But I have lots of reasons for wanting this baby here, now, in my arms. So I’m doing my part. The rest is up to baby girl. And God, of course.

3. Chiropractic during pregnancy: DO IT!

Because I’m trying to be quick, I’ll give you the short version. I have had low back pain for most of my pregnancy. I finally got into my chiropractor last Friday.


Not only did she completely eliminate my back pain, but she was able to do some “ligament work” that actually helped the baby get into better position. Do you understand me? My baby, as a direct result of my chiro visit, moved completely head down. Her head had been off to the side for, no exaggeration, nearly 2 months. At the beginning of the visit, her head was off to the side. By the end, she was head down.

Like I said: Amazing.

If you are in your third trimester, I highly recommend seeing a Webster-certified chiropractor

4. Jim Gaffigan never gets old.

When I woke up still pregnant this morning, I was a little grumpy. Kevin put this video on for me and we all had a good laugh. It really never gets old.

I’m not having a home birth this time, but it still makes me laugh until my sides ache.

5. To-Do List is not done.

But I am pretty much done working on it. I haven’t finished the table, my homeschool areas still need to be cleaned out, and I’m not done Christmas shopping.

I believe the most accurate term is: “I’m over it.” Aren’t we on vacation yet?

Still, I *am* pretty proud of everything we have accomplished over the last couple of weeks.



6. Ezekiel’s Eyes

You all really moved me with your advice and prayers last week. I felt so loved and supported. Zeke is doing amazingly well with his patches. He is wearing them for 4+ hours/day with very little complaint. We ordered him some new glasses yesterday. Nothing special, but I am hopeful they’re better than the atrocities we’ve been enduring over the last 9 months.

I’m still on the fence about his eye drops. Hoping to get a second opinion soon.

7. Pray for me?

Will you all pray for
a) a safe delivery?
b) that happens relatively soon? (Tonight would be fantastic.)
c) but with enough time for my parents to make the 4 hour drive?

I will be praying for all of your intentions, and if you haven’t had a chance to send me yours, there is still time… Maybe that’s what Baby Girl is waiting for!  YOU to send me YOUR intentions!  (So stop dilly-dallying!)

I promise to post baby updates here and on the Facebook page.


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P.S. I did it! 30 minutes!


  1. I think you have a pretty good excuse to ditch the to-do list.
    Sending prayers!
    Rachael recently posted…SQT – Sleepy and StuffMy Profile

  2. So excited for you!!! Soon soon enough…the last weeks are so hard but then (and you know this) as soon as that sweet little thing is born you’ll hardly remember it. I’ll be praying for you. I can’t remember if I gave you intentions or not but please add for those in my family struggling with infertility and for the conversion of some family members. Oh, and a special intention. Thank you!
    Mary @ Better Than Eden recently posted…Prayers for Buffalo, Please.My Profile

  3. Just because I am holding a squishy baby right now does not mean I am so far passed remembering exactly how I felt in your same shoes. I am going to pray for you and Baby Girl. (How about all the Darrs??) I pray that you do not join the 2014 overdue baby club. (There are a lot of us.) I am so glad to hear patching is going well. My 2 cents: I knew some little girls who had to patch and their mom made patches that went over their glasses but covered completely. It was more comfortable for them I guess. Many prayers for you and if you don’t mind praying for our family to stay healthy this winter season we’d appreciate it!!
    Madeline recently posted…4 WeeksMy Profile

  4. Prayers for a speedy birth!!
    Amelia @ One Catholic Mama recently posted…Good News, Bad News in 7 Quick takesMy Profile

  5. I’m due any day now and could use the prayers. Will say one for you now.

  6. I will pray!! Seriously I delivery early and my mind is boggled by people who have to do that end part of pregnancy for an extra month. You are a SUPERHERO 🙂 Also…I keep hearing about this chiropractor thing. I think you’ve talked me into it.
    Jamie recently posted…November FavoritesMy Profile

  7. A baby is best Christmas season present! No one needs anything else. 🙂
    Praying for all your intentions. Include an old intention of my of a return to sacraments of one very dear to me.
    It will go quick and be exciting very soon! I’m so happy for you!

  8. I absolutely empathize with #1! Praying for you and your baby and family
    Maria recently posted…More Robinson CrusoeMy Profile