6 Moving Pro-life Videos


It’s one of my January traditions to write a little bit about pro-life issues.  Last year I wrote a piece for Catholic Exchange about how we’re not just pro-life for the babies, but for all the people who are damaged by abortion eternally.  Tonight I was working on another piece called I’m pro-life because… and I ended up down a rabbit trail of Youtube videos.  I thought I would share them with you here.  Inspiration abounds!

And while yes, I do realize that if you watch each and every video these will no longer be Quick Takes but rather Very Long Takes, I still hope you watch them.  Good stuff.

Hey LOOK!  I finished my other post: I’m pro-life because…


Embracing the beauty and dignity of all human life from conception through natural death.

The first annual One Life LA: Where we’ll be this Saturday Come on down, y’all!!


A beautiful music video shot in China.  The lyrics are based on a quote by Blessed Mother Teresa.  Pure gold, this one.

Danielle Rose: Little Flower


A Walk for Life West Coast promotional video.  Get fired up!


A mathematician gives 10 minute TED talk conceptualizing pregnancy from conception to birth.


The most incredible animation of pregnancy I’ve ever seen.  Absolutely fascinating.


Abortion survivor Melissa Ohden tells her story.  Inspiring.


That’s all, folks!  Make sure to head on over to Kelly’s casita for more quicky takes.


  1. Woo! #3 was a doozy for this hormonal preggo. Almost didn’t make it to the end. Beautiful and so inspiring.