7 Posts in 7 Days

You want to hear something funny?  On the way home from Santa Barbara today I was berating myself for being a bad linker-upper.  I’ve been linking up to other posts like crazy but I’ve been “too busy” to be a good linker and visit other people’s posts.  I decided that I was going to take a break from linking up until I had more time to spend reading other bloggers posts and being more friendly online.

And then I saw think link-up.  And I decided to take that challenge, thankyouverymuch!  I promise I will try to visit a few bloggers posts this week and if you leave me a comment I will for sure visit your blog.  AAAAAAND, if you’re one of my faithful family and friends who reads every day but doesn’t have a blog of their own, well, then you get a big hug and smackeroo from me next time I see you.  Cause I’m all-inclusive like that.

7 Posts in 7 Days, starting tomorrow!

Shameless plug: 3 Reasons I Love Catholicism is still open for July!  Make it one of your 7 posts!  It will make the Baby Jesus smile.


  1. So many blogs, so little time. Frankly, I’m often overwhelmed by the Internet. The noise! The insight! The tips to make life better…it’s all a bit too much sometimes.

    Maybe it’s just me? 🙂 Probably so.
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