101 Reasons to Love This Blog

About a month ago I noticed that I was getting awfully close to my 100th post on this blog.  I began counting down the posts.  I commenced grandiose plans for a moving/funny/thought-provoking post which would have every one of my readers smiling through tears.  Maybe someone would even comment!  (For goodness sakes, there are so many of you?  Like 20!!! Why don’t you ever comment???)

Just kidding!  No guilt trips today! Come back!

Anyway, I had all these big plans. Then I lost track.  For my 100th post, instead of anything remotely compelling, I posted this piece, in which I very nearly advise you to violate child labor laws.  There’s no going back now.  The 100th post has been written, and it is none of the inspiring things I was hoping to write.

But let me get back to the point.  I’ve published 101 blog posts!

I’ve filled your email inboxes, Facebook feeds, and brains with all kinds of interesting, er, scholarly, um, witty, uh, how about we just go with posts.  I’ve written and posted all types of posts!  Of course, that’s akin to saying, “I clicked a button 100 times!” but I’m not splitting hairs here.

It’s a happy day!  And anniversary of sorts!  So I’m going to celebrate by sharing with you my top 13 favorite posts, in no particular order.  Except chronological order.  If you consider that an order.

  1. The night before we moved here, I wrote this short piece about leaving our home in Altadena, CA.
  2. When we attempted Korean food on our own for the first time, we had this memorable experience.
  3. If you have a love/hate relationship with technology as I do, you may enjoy reading how GPS ruined a perfectly simple road trip.
  4. Our first foreign visitors were Kevin’s parents last Christmas.  I wrote this teary post when they left.  And knowing they won’t be here this Christmas makes me sad deep down in my soul.
  5. Last January we has a really random day.  I still giggle when I think about it.
  6. I feel passionately about being informed on many subjects: birth, health care, parenting, and in this post, I talk about getting informed on the Catholic Church.
  7. Do you like food?  I do.  I really enjoyed eating every meal out when my brother Joseph was here last March.
  8. There have been countless awkward moments with the locals here.  This one takes the cake, hands down.
  9. Apparently naming a blog post exactly what it is, rather than some catchy title, gets you a lot of hits on Google.  
  10. Spectacularly boring unless you’ve ever had to parent your children through a major time difference adjustment.  Groaning just thinking about doing it again.  Ever.
  11. Proof that my adult ADD is still in full force.
  12. Disneyland’s got nuthin on EWorld.
  13. And because I love you, something to warm you up on a wintry day.

And just for fun:


  1. I often wonder about the reader-to-comment ratio. So odd.
    And I have to say that I think the Jeong post is one of my favorites. I talk about it all the time. Like, in tones flush with mortal fear that this should happen to me someday.

    Happy 101st post!! Here’s to 1000001 more!

  2. I had to enlarge and stare at that picture for a minute to figure out what the heck was going on! Ugh, it has been a long day.