I spent the better part of last week completely unplugged and away from the computer.  Don’t feel sorry for me, though.




No running water other than the creek.

No phones, iPads, or computers.

Thinsulite = beds

Sleeping bags = blankets

Tent = home


But it didn’t matter one bit, because:

a) It was 30 degrees cooler during the day than the blistering 111 degree heat at my parents’ house

b) Family is family is family no matter where you sleep or how dirty you are.


These are a few of my favorite things.

SONY DSCFairy houses

SONY DSCCowboy coffee


SONY DSCBreathtaking scenery no matter where you looked

SONY DSCAunties who braid and bedazzle hair and spend countless hours in the creek while Mama sips cowboy coffee and gazes at the scenery

SONY DSCDirt, dirt, and more dirt…


Oma and Opa

As always after a break from the Internet, I’m struggling to get back in the saddle.  Too many blogs to read, too many emails to respond to, too many Facebook notifications.  In spite of all of that, I don’t think I can encourage you strongly enough to get away – really really far away – from your iDevices for a couple of days.  It’s refreshing to the mind, body and soul.

And if you can get somewhere as beautiful as Granite Creek in the Sierra National Forest, all the better.  You’ll be closer to God, closer to family, closer to nature, and thus, closer to yourself.  It’s a beautiful thing.




  1. Teresa Spencer says:

    Had a great time with you too! It’s a pleasure to be included in this blog. 🙂

  2. Honestly, my idea of heaven. Stay Unplugged!!!! And fairy huts are one of our favorite things, too.
    Rebekah Es recently posted…Mystery Ingredient Monday: Nothing So Fine as Peach WineMy Profile

    • I have such a love/hate relationship with technology. On the one hand, I’ve made internet friends like you, so: completely worth it. On the other hand, it is a total time suck, so: hate it. It’s really important for me to reset every few months and I’m glad I did.

  3. It is refreshing to get away from all devices. Last week, I only spent 2 days away, but even that was a wonderful break.
    Amelia recently posted…Ask A Nun: The Answers Part I.My Profile

    • Even if I just set aside a few hours during the day where I completely abstain from all devices, I feel significantly more healthy about myself. Riddle me this: why is it so hard to remember to do?

  4. We just got back from being at our family compound in Mendocino, so I’m completely with you! I can actually go for days without remembering to check email/blog posts/etc. and then freak out because I think that probably everybody has stopped wondering where I am and has gone forward without me. Ah, the human emotions! We were made for community, but have a hard time figuring out what that means…