Three Reasons

I couldn’t decide about the title of this post.

It was either:

Three Reasons Joseph’s Visit Rocked and his Departure Stunk


Three Reasons I am Totally Unmotivated to Write This Post

After all was said and done, they both would have worked, but they’re both too darn long for my taste.

Here goes nothin’.

Reason #1: Joseph Makes Me Look Like an Awesome (or Terrible) Photographer

If last week’s post about food was the first time you came to this blog, then you maybe thought I had a penchant and a talent for photographing food. Or photographing anything, really.


I have a brother who has a penchant and a talent for photographing food and many other things. He walked in the door on March 3rd, camera lens a-blazing, and I furtively shoved my point-and-shoot in the darkest recesses of the “technology” drawer. My camera is adequate. It fits in my purse and it’s documented many an adventure for our family.

But come on. Compared to fancy-pants over there? His camera has a removable lens, people. It looks a little something like this Sony camera here. (OK, so he works for Sony, and it looks exactly like that camera. Yes, I’m secretly hoping some big shot at his company will send me one for free. So sue me.)

But really, how am I supposed to measure up to that? I can’t. Apparently I need my brother here to document my life. It would make my blog so much better. Come on, Joseph. You know you want to bring Sony Style to Korea! (Don’t you dare forget to bring me one of those fancy cameras).

Reason #2: Eating Out is Amazing and Cooking is Boring.

For Joseph’s 10-day visit, I think we ate dinner out (or at least take-out) 9 times. Possibly 10. My memory is a little hazy due to vacation-brain. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t 11, though.

I ate Korean food that I hadn’t yet tried, as well as some of our favorites. We ate until we were stuffed, and then did it all over again the next day.

Who wants to go back to the “eat-at-home” cycle? (If you’re fancy, you can picture the following in a circle flow chart.) Preparing meals, Forcing your kids to eat the meals you’ve prepared, and then Cleaning up after those meals?

Ugh. Not me.

But wait. It gets better.

I got on the scale after Joseph left, fully expecting to have gained 5 lbs. (I’m not exaggerating. We really ate a lot.)

People, I didn’t gain 5 lbs. I LOST 2 lbs.

Let me get this straight. I can eat delicious food out on a nightly basis and lose weight?

Three words: Sign. Me. Up.

Reason #3: The Doing Was Fabulous, the Retelling is Not..

We did so much last week that I should have kept a daily journal. It flew by so quickly. I could (and really should) have written a post every day. Sorry, I was too busy eating.

You will get the short version:

Nore bang is Korean karaoke. My advice: DO THIS. It was the most fun I’ve had out in a long time.

Seomun Market: Saw a whole new side I didn’t want to know existed. Let’s just say this: this kids thought it was a pet store, but it was more like a butcher.

Daegu National Museum: I didn’t even know this existed, but it is a really great place to check out some local folklore and historical items. It’s free, there are many signs in English, and it boasts an awesome kids room.

Woobang Tower Land: (which may or may not now be called E-World) We went here for Gianna’s birthday in October, and now for Aliya’s birthday last week. This amusement park is so very amusing. Copyright and trademark laws don’t really seem to bother them much. But the rides are fun, the price is cheap, and there are no lines.

Busan: We took a day trip about an hour and a half south. It was our first glimpse of the ocean in over 210 days. Not that I’m counting. It felt like… home. But not. The horizon is gorgeous but doesn’t look like California. The salty sea air, though… just yummy. We especially enjoyed the aquarium and the street food we found at the local fish market.

(Luke, Ness, Joseph, Kev, I’m sure I missed some things… Feel free to add a comment)

Reason #4: That’s Right, I’m Giving You a Bonus Reason. You are Special.

I just knew that after writing all this, I wasn’t going to have the energy or patience to upload any pictures.

So sue me.

Joseph, all joking aside, you are missed. We love you! Come baaaaaaaaaaack!


  1. I karaoked once. With a friend of mine who is deaf in one ear, and has only partial hearing in the other. We attempted “Revolution” by the Beatles. In a bowling alley bar.

    The combination of pitiful/embarrassed/stupid meant we left the stage, thinking the song was over, with two whole verses to go.

    All the patrons in the bar finished it up for us.

    I think I’ll have to go all the way to Korea to ever be allowed to try karaoke again.

  2. cari, korean karaoke are private rooms for just you and your friends – so you can sing your heart out and have lots of turns. try it. if you are around korean communities, they usually have them.

    micaela, glad you are enjoying the food. that’s the one thing i could not live w/o. love korean food – and they are relatively healthy, the traditional ones anyways.

    could your brother get me a nice camera too? i’m needing something faster than something that takes 5 seconds to capture the moment.

  3. aww sounds wonderful! Makes me want to visit too 🙂