Philippines: Food and Family

Our prayers go out to all Bostonians, their families and friends.  No words can express the sorrow, anger, and confusion appropriate to such an event.  Know that we are all praying for you. I posted this quote on Twitter yesterday before the event, but it seems even more appropriate now so I tweeted it again tonight.  


My apologies. It would appear that this has become the 2013 version of the dreaded Family Vacation Slide Show.  I don’t know what to say, except perhaps that you’re lucky that you aren’t stuck there eating warm ambrosia salad while you’re Aunt Ida talks over every last detail?  So, you’ve got that going for you.  Which is nice.


We ate most of our meals at the resort, out of ease and convenience.  Since the kids were up at 5:30 a.m. daily (lovely, right?), it was quite helpful to have breakfast delivered to our porch.  Served on leaf-plates!  (The photo below wasn’t actually from a breakfast.  Even I have higher standards than fried food before 6 a.m.)

Mangoes and bananas were about the only fresh food we ate all week:

Many of the restaurants are outdoors, like this Thai one just outside the resort:

Aaaaand, this was going on about 5 feet from our table while we waited for dinner:

This (below) was at the local farmer’s market.  Should have done more shopping there:

We ate out at a couple Filipino restaurants.  This little guy was pretty hungry and joined us to eat some leftovers.  He was so sweet he just about broke my heart:

The night before we left, Hector and the Sol y Mar crew we tortured who hosted us all week gave us an  incredible send-off party.  Fresh-caught oysters, prawns, yellow fin tuna sashimi, sothangon (noodles), and hot dogs and marshmallows for the kids.

Obviously the photos below are artistically blurry on purpose.  It’s not that I can’t take nighttime photos or anything.  Nope, nothing like that.

And it just ain’t a Glamping party if you can’t roast marshmallows on looooooong sharp bamboo sticks in your skivvies:

For the adults in the audience, Red Horse makes a fine accompaniment to a Filipino meal, or as a pool-side refreshment.  I’m pretty sure any sommelier would say the same.


I think my husband is handsome and my kids are cute.  So sue me.







That is all… for now.  MUAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!  (I’ll try to keep it to just one more photo post, okay?)


  1. Love it. Leaf plates? The skinniest cow ever seen? Regional food alongside hot dogs and marshmallows? Best vacation recap ever.

  2. Funny thing – there’s not a single restaurant in our entire town where you can be fully inside. The closest thing is a place that would be considered an “inside” restaurant if there was glass in the window openings. This situation can be sort of annoying in the season when our nights are cool (which happens even here in the tropical desert).

    Thanks for the photos! It’s amazing to me how similar that area of the Philippines and our corner of Mexico are.

  3. NOOOOOO!!! Don’t ever stop the pictures coming! I have so loved living vicariously through you, you don’t even know. The food pics are amazing, and the transportation was truly wild. Love it all!

    And your kids are adorable, your husband handsome, and you are quite gorgeous! Keep it coming!