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This week Kim Jong-Il, the leader of North Korea, died.  He will be succeeded by his son, Kim Jong-Un. 

You would think that this is big news. You may even think all of us in South Korea are under siege or at least on high alert, thanks to CNN, BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, KCET, ESPN, TBS, TNT, Lifetime, Court TV, HGTV, MTV, VH1 (is that even around any more?).  (HA!  I just won a bet -against myself- that I could name at least 10 television acronyms from back home.  Take that, self!)

Er, anyway.  According to friends, all the 24-hour news cycles (refer to impressive list above) back in California report that South Korea is on high alert for nuclear activity.  That the Korean military is at the ready for any type of invasion, attack, what-have-you.  That units are mobilized and hatches are battened.  Whatever that means.

Phewsh.  What a relief.  It’s nice to know that someone, somewhere is taking care of the big picture.  Now I can get on with the REAL news of the week:

Darr Family Vacation Rocks.

In spite of the fact that 83% of our family have been fighting a nasty cold, we have managed to take Mimi and Papa to many of our usual haunts, as well as a couple new places as well, and throw in some homey Christmas activities to boot.

Decorating the Christmas tree.
The kids and Mimi, at the top of Woobang Tower, posed next to (what else?) an image of the Eiffel Tower.
No, they didn’t scamper off to Europe with the kids while we were sleeping.  Although I wouldn’t put it past them!  This is at the Euroseum.  There you can take really cool pictures posed with some European scenery and in front of some other famous works of art.  In the interest of full disclosure, this museum was free last time we went, and cost 11,000 won per person this time, so we skipped it and just took this picture outside.
Our family takes up a whole roller coaster ride at Children’s Hall!  From the back: Kevin and Ali, Mimi, Gabe and Gigi, Zeke and I.  Hey, this ride cost us a whopping 100 won each to ride.  That’s about 10 cents.  Talk about breaking the bank.

Ali, look behind you!  A robot is attacking!

                                                                      Kevin almost got us kicked out of the nearly-empty museum for riding the toy motorcycle with Gigi. The guards were none too pleased with him!

Ack! Gabe, it’s a giant dog!  What’s up with that?

 Papa and Kevin put up the bunk bed that we got at a thrift store. Hooray for manly men! Especially manly men on vacation!
A visit to Seomun Market, one of the oldest open-air markets and the largest in Daegu with over 4,000 shops. 
We took a gondola ride up Apsan Mountain.  It was a windy and steep hike from the car to the gondola.  But once we reached the top, the views were magnificent.

Oh, in the grand scheme of things, I’m sure the new leader of North Korea will affect our lives deeply.  We continue to pray for the reconciliation of North and South Korea, that Kim Jong-Il reconciled with God before his death, and for the well-being of the people above the demilitarized zone.  But our joy at being together takes precedence right now.

Mimi and Papa in Daegu= The Only Big News for Us.


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos! And for the good laugh by putting the *important* world events in perspective! Miss and love you all! Merry Christmas!

  2. Aw, Beth. We miss you, too! Please hug Uncle Bob, Andrea, Emily and Joe, Kyle, and Grandma for us. Much love to the Belleville Darrs from the South Korea Darrs!

  3. Will do! I’ll try to send some pics from gatherings over the holiday.