Blog: The Grandparent Edition

Last night we received an incredibly wonderful Christmas gift:

Mimi and Papa Darr (known to most as Marie and Larry) arrived in Daegu, South Korea. 

In case you don’t know our history, Larry and Marie lived about 10 minutes away from us in California.  We saw them several times a week before our international move.  So this visit is Big News.

The anticipation, as anticipation is wont to do, darn nearly killed us.  For months now, the kids have been asking, “When are Mimi and Papa coming?”  Initially, the question was answered in months, and then weeks, and then days.  Yesterday that question was asked no less than 50 times.  Hours, minutes, seconds…

Surprisingly, everyone survived the anticipation to enjoy the actual arrival.

Why no photo?  We were too busy hugging, jumping up and down and altogether smothering each other with affection.

Mimi and Papa are handling jet lag much better than we did upon arrival in August.  It’s embarrassing, really.  I mean, I won’t give out ages or anything, but they are my husband’s parents, so I would think they would need a couple more days to adjust.  I mean, it took me a week, give or take a day.  Nope.  Not my in-laws.  A nap in the afternoon today, but otherwise they were raring to go.  Which was good, because their grandkids haven’t given them a moment’s peace.

 Mimi and her Fan Club
(Yes, they insisted on watching her brush her teeth last night)
 Mimi again, after more than an hour playing doctor
(By some standards, she may be a very good doctor.  I mean, she never has any appointment openings.  On the other hand, her patients seem to have very mysterious chronic illnesses and just don’t ever seem to fully recover.  Hmmmm)
Papa reading to Gabe, making stories sillier than usual
(And you thought Hey, Diddle Diddle was already silly.  Pshaw.)

Why yes, that photo above WAS too cute to be true.  Here is the candid shot.
Last night, as we waited for Kevin to bring the long-awaited visitors to our new home, I sat with the 4 kids in the semi-darkness of the living room, with only the colorful Christmas tree lights on.  It was late and the kids were excited and anxious and tired.  To make matters worse, Kevin’s cell phone was on the fritz, so we had no idea if he’d found the airport at all, much less when he would arrive home.  These are two snippets of the conversation that ensued:
Gianna:  When are they going to BEEEEE here?  I just want to crawl into Mimi’s lap and go to sleep. 
Me: You just want to sleep in her lap?
Gianna: Yes!  I want to sleep in her lap the whole 2 weeks they are here!
Aliya: Daddy must be really excited to see Mimi and Papa.  He must be the MOST excited out of all of us.
Me: Why?
Aliya: Because they’re HIS mom and dad.  I can’t even IMAGINE if you lived in California and I lived in Korea.  I would miss you SO MUCH.
Me: (Stifling a giggle at the idea of Ali living in Korea by herself) I guess you’re right.
Gianna:  Mommy…  You must be a little sad right now.
Me: (Not at all sad) Why is that?
Gianna: Because you must miss Oma and Opa the way Daddy misses Mimi and Papa.  Only we don’t get to see them this Christmas.
Me: (Speechless from the ton of homesick bricks that just hit me square in the heart)
Oma and Opa, doing one of the things they do best: holding a grandbaby
(Lest you think we adopted, or that my parents are hiding in the hills outside Daegu , this photo is from our family camping trip last summer with my niece Gemma, who has been featured on here before.)
To my dearest Mom and Dad,
I miss you terribly, and I can’t believe we won’t see you this Christmas.  Please give Gemma, Luke and Vanessa lots of extra hugs and kisses to bring back to Korea. 
Now, I’m off to figure out how to cut up Mimi and Papa’s plane tickets.  Or chain them to apartment.  OK, fine, I will just try to enjoy their visit without freaking out about what we will do when they leave.  


  1. My kids call my husband’s parents Mimi and Papa too! AND I have a Gabriel! AND we homeschool! AND we live in Korea!

    Ok, not so much the last one. But maybe we’re the same person, running two different lives…quick- tell me this: if you hadn’t just moved, what would your closets and cabinets look like? If you say “clean and organized!” then we’re not the same person at all. If you say “Messy as all hell”, then we ARE the same person, and could you pick up some milk before you get home? We’re out.

  2. Cari,

    Messy as all get out. In fact, they STILL are. How do you feel about raw milk? When in the US that’s all we drink. Haven’t figured it out here, though.

    Do you get to enjoy your Mimi and Papa for Christmas this year?

  3. Oh my gosh, I would KILL to find a raw milk supplier around here. That’s what we drank in Mississippi, but Nanny State Connecticut doesn’t seem to be on the same wavelength.

    Ok, so pick me up some raw milk on the way home to clean my closets. Even though I don’t get to enjoy any extended family this Christmas (it must be the shocking lack of raw milk. Or messy closets. Hard to tell.)

  4. It’s official. You and I were separated at birth. I am so sad without my raw milk. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!