Best Staycation Game Ever

Last week, I was supposed to be here:

Okinawa, Japan

While doing this:

'Beer on the beach' photo (c) 2010, James Cridland - license:
Not Chinese beer, but you get the idea.

Didn’t happen.  Instead, I was here:

In Daegu, but not under a bridge, as this picture might imply

While doing this:

That’s right.  Climbing on a parked front loader was a planned
outing this weekend.  Judge away, my friends.

No, actually, we had a truly relaxing vacation at home.  Kevin took Wednesday and Monday off to extend his Thanksgiving holiday to almost a full week.  Which, of course, made my vacation just as long.  Dreamy.

But of course, on every vacation or staycation, there are moments when normally loving and attentive parents (such as you-know-who) need a break from (the incessant badgering of) their normally adorable kids.  And unless you are of the bring-your-full-time-nanny-on-vacation-with-you set, there is rarely babysitting on vacation.

Purely by accident (or happy providence, or my children’s ingenuity mixed with conniving on Kevin’s part, I’m not really sure) I discovered the Parent’s Best Staycation Activity Ever.  Yes, I mean to capitalize “ever.”  It’s really that good.


Parent’s Best Staycation Activity Ever

A Day at the Spa

Supplies needed:
Soft music
Towels, washcloths
Warm water
Pillows, blankets
Scotch tape
Child(ren) between the ages of 4 and ? 10, maybe?

How to play this game:

1) Parents relax on the floor of the living room, hotel room, etc. while “pretending” to be stressed out individuals in need of deep relaxation.

2) Children pretend to be spa personnel, treating parents to various appropriate spa activities.  Warm towel over the face, hand massage, foot massage, eyebrow “waxing” (my kids love to pretend this with scotch tape), etc.

3) Parents drag the experience out for as long as possible and then ultimately pay their children (Monopoly money) and leave the spa. (Quickly! before they ask for you to reciprocate or help them clean up!)

Optional: pretend the spa is part of a hotel and restaurant complex.  Order food, take a nap, etc.


People, you should know that this is a) fun for the kids, and b) actually really and truly relaxing for the adults.  Have you ever tried anything like this?  Please share tips in the comment box.

The whole time my kids were massaging my feet, I kept saying to Kevin, “This is the best game EVER.  I’m going to blog about it!”  He was not as surprised as you might imagine.

Now, the real trick is figuring out how soon I can schedule another appointment without burning out the staff.


  1. Spa game! Brilliant! I’m just a little scared of what my son’s massage technique might be. I’ll put him in charge of feeding me bon bons. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • K- my boys are still too young to play properly. I can imagine how they would have participated… Most likely a light saber to the back?