Growing Boys: Theme Thursday

Taking a little break from my “All Philippines, All the Time” blogging to bring you (drum roll, please…) MORE photos!  (If you are a sucker for family photos in foreign locations, you can click to check out Philippines 1 and Philippines 2.


Foolishly, when I had only daughters, I really believed boy/girlishness must surely result from parenting styles rather than innate tendencies.  Nurture over nature, hands down.  (I know, right?  I’m a dummy.)  Then much to my happy disillusionment, Gabriel was born and from day one he was all boy.  No amount of non-gender specific parenting tips could keep him from his dinosaurs and baseballs.  Parenting lesson #1,347 learned.
Yesterday I took the kids outside to try an capture the boyishness, but my favorite photo, thanks to the fun perspective, was this one:
Yes, that’s a ladybug rain coat, and yes, he chose it.  And in case you can’t actually hear what he’s saying, it’s this: “Ew.  Mommy!  All dirty!”
So after the unsuccessful attempt outside, I looked back through my (cough cough) Philippines photos and found this series.  I think it represents boys well.  Not because of the sand or the messy hair, but because he goes from annoyed/angry to laughing in seconds.  All it took was some love and playfulness from me and he gave me his brightest smile.  My sweet Gabriel.  

Oh, boys.


Because I have been clinically* diagnosed with “a mad case of the F.O.M.S.**”, I actually took photos for last week’s challenge while on vacation.  Without a laptop or any hope of Internet.  It would also appear, by my inability to limit either photographs or words, I must also be an over-share-aholic.

It’s serious, people.  Pray for me.

Now that you know where I’m coming from…. there were plants and flowers in abundance, so here goes.

I heart this tree and its leany ways:

And this tree for its bad hair day:

Finally, BARNACLES! For the win!

Aw, crap.  I totally didn’t mean to, but I’ve now made Philippines Part 3!  I’m about to lose my South Korea Blogger Card!  Quick!  Scroll up! Photo number one (all dreary and cement-y) was taken in South Korea.  Phewsh.  Dodged that bullet.

Now get thee over to Clan Donaldson for some more Theme Thursday love with less incurable ailments.

(P.S. It is practically KILLING me not to include all the settings for these photos, perfectionist that I am.  But I must away!  To bed and not to blog!)

*Said clinic may or may not have been a seedy UCSB bar.
**F.O.M.S. = Fear of Missing Something.  Don’t mock.  It’s a real problem, and one that manifests in a variety of ways.  In college it involved lots of weekday… socializing.  The current symptoms include: night blogging, night Facebooking, and moving across the world to see just what the heck is the big deal about South Korea.


  1. I used to think that gender differences were strictly a result of nurture, too! Then I had boys. Wisdom over theory, every time.

    And I love the transition between Shot-of-Garbiel-on-the-beach no. 3 and no. 4 You can see that’s where the switch from angry to smiling happens.

    Leany tree = glorious

    What the heck IS the big deal about South Korea?

    • That’s my favorite transition, too. It’s so minute, but obvious if you’re looking for it.

      The big deal about South Korea? Definitely the isolation of being on a landlocked peninsula, I suppose. Almost like being on an island.

  2. I love your FOMS, wish I could borrow just a tiny bit from you, because I seriously think I have a fear of participation. Don’t mock, it’s real.

    ANNNYWAY…..I thought that was a fireman jacket in the first one!! Perfect boy in fireman jacket in wet city, but you had to go and ruin it, but you are right, the perspective is awesome!

    Love the cry to smile series, so real..

    The grow pictures are amazing, and I want to travel across the world just so I have the privilege of sitting under that tree with the artsy bench. Fantastic.

  3. I *love* that moment when the light comes creeping through their cracks, when the happy overtakes the grumpy.

    As for the nature shots…. ~swoon~

  4. Haha I love that ladybug raincoat! And the fear of dirt 😛

    And FOMS is something my sister had SERIOUSLY in college (and probably still has) – she NEVER slept because she knew that somewhere, someone was having ufn and she didn’t want to miss it!

  5. I adore the beach series. Things like that just really make the memories, don’t they?

    When my son was born, he had to be supplemented with formula for medical reasons. The nurses warned me not to do it for long, though. “He’s a boy. Boys like to take the easy way. And they won’t want to pick up the hard work of breastfeeding.” I couldn’t believe! Straight out of the womb. Boys will be boys. c;

  6. I love that set of pictures of him. My smile grew bigger and bigger as I scrolled down watching his expression change.

  7. LOVE the beach photos. So precious!

  8. I also used to think that boys vs. girl were just nurture. Until I had a boy!

    I love that ladybug raincoat one…too cute!

    I suffer from F.O.M.S there a self-help group for that?

  9. I don’t know anything about girls, I don’t really even know anything about myself anymore, since I live with 6 men. Because of this I must concur with the masses – it’s nature, baby.

    Beautiful pics!!

  10. Love the beach photos! “Filmstrip” style pix are the best!

  11. Love the handsome boy!!! So cute!

  12. Agree with everyone above. Lovely photos and what a lovely, oh I mean handsome boy you got there.

  13. I started with boys and figured I could just let Jillian be a tomboy…well…she loves her twirling dresses and ballet AND loves her shield and dart guns and is more fierce than her two older brothers….so, yes a difference in nature, no doubt!

  14. I have a son just like your son on the beach. In fact, that pout looks remotely familiar. What a wonderful set of photos.

  15. What fun photos! The flowers…oh so lovely. I found a few buds on the strawberry plants today, poking out of the ice. Hooray! Thanks for sharing both weeks. 🙂

  16. I love the second to last photo of your son at the beach! So sweet. And my son is all boy, too, at just fifteen months. I can’t believe how much balls and cars capture his attention.

    I just found your blog through Theme Thursday, and I was so excited to find your Philippines posts! My mom is from there, and then my husband and I honeymooned there so it was just a trip down memory lane! Beautiful family!

  17. Ha ha! One of my son’s girlfriends says that in their family, it’s FOMO: fear of missing out.

    Great pictures of an adorable little boy!