The Globetrotters

In August of 2011, we picked up and moved across the Pacific Ocean from Pasadena, CA to Daegu, South Korea.

Kevin and Micaela
We met through a mutual friend during college, although our colleges were hours apart (Santa Barbara and San Diego).  We were friends first, and then began a romance that was like an episode of Days of Our Lives, except with a happy ending.  Our lives are significantly less dramatic these days (unless you count boo-boos and sibling rivalry) but no less filled with love.

Kevin works as a school counselor, and as the dad and chief fun-director at home. Micaela works as the mama and homeschool teacher for our five (soon to be six!) munchkins.  Micaela also teaches writes and blogs in her “spare time.”

We live in a wacky house filled with all kinds of crazy.  And we love every minute of it.  Ok, most minutes. Hey, we’re human.



Likes: Climbing, skating, bicycling, gymnastics, eating, reading, all kinds of art, girly things and tomboy things.  She’s outgoing and fits in with most any crowd.

Dislikes: Being away from friends, when adults don’t do what they say they are going to.





Likes: Pretending, imagining, playing dress up, reading, doing everything her big sister does (with just a bit more reservation) and taking care of babies.

Dislikes: being embarrassed by anyone (but especially her parents), having her picture taken, and having to wait to do everything her sister does.


Likes: swords, swordfighting, trucks, trains, looking at books about swords, trucks and tains, jumping, bouncing, and running.  Oh, and eating.  Lots and lots of eating all day long.

Dislikes: Being told “no,” being cold, being alone, being hungry.


Likes: popsicles, dancing, making people laugh, opening/destroying everything to understand how it works, trains.

Dislikes: being away from Mama or Daddy, being told “no,” clothes.




Likes: Mama mama mama mama, food, treats, playing with her siblings.

Dislikes: hard to predict, but she will let you know about them in no uncertain terms.



Our Catholic faith and our family are our top priorities.  We also love having fun, and we like to do so with family and friends.  Hang around and you’ll find out how much!