Church Windows, 3 Reasons, and Blogging Fun

Blargh.  I’m running late for everything this week.  Not really news for me, except this blogging thing is usually so much fun that I put it before other things like budgeting, lesson planning, and sleeping.  But this week has been epic.  EPIC. Otherwise known as, “Well hello there February!  I wondered when you were going […]

A Toddler’s Bedtime To-Do List

All 4 of our kids sleep in the same room.  We have a twin/full bunk bed and a twin mattress on the floor.  The boys share the full size bottom bunk, sleeping perpendicular to “normal.”  It worked for Gianna and Aliya for awhile and now it’s working well for the boys. Sort of. After we […]

Update on Ezekiel’s Eyes

You know what’s odd?  Being a parent.  You’re in charge of these little people, entirely responsible for their care.  So you feed them and care for them, clean up after them and enjoy them.  Teach them if you get a free moment.  You know. And then you get knocked sideways by a health issue, like […]

All About Seeing…

Well, hello there!  Pardon my early Quick Takes.  Mucho time with family, poco time to blog.  I’m going to wrap it all up in one big blog post gift and tie it up in a bow for you. ~1~ Merry Christmas!  I made the conscious decision to use my 50mm lens while the kids were […]

Dreaming: Theme Thursday

Since I’m all about lovin’ my baby boy today, I thought I’d swing in late with some Theme Thursday Dream Love for little Ezekiel.  Rather than my usual verbosity, I’m just going to throw some photos atcha and see what happens, mmm’kay? Those chubby hands?  You know I had to find a way to get […]

No Shame: A Love Letter on Theme Thursday

Dear Zeke, Yesterday was your Big Boy Day.  In our family, that’s what we call the day our babies (or toddlers) stop nursing.  Maybe someday you will be embarrassed about this, about the documentation of this date just after you turned 2 and a half.  But at this moment you feel no shame.  Only pride […]