Black & White: Theme Thursday

Hey.  Don’t be mad.  It’s still Thursday, okay. Alright, I’m sorry.  Last night I made the conscious decision not to blog and you deserve better, Theme Thursday-ans. Who loves black and white photos?  {hand straight up} Who really struggles to take good black and whites? {up it goes again} I read a suggestion once that b&w […]

Exposure (again) and Contrast: Theme Thursday

So I totally flaked on you last week.  I figured not that many people noticed since no one joined the link up I tossed up for posterity. But if you did, I’m sorry! Making up for it today by going over TWO themes! First, a little Instagram lesson/discussion.  Warning: I’m not an expert.  I’ve just […]

Exposure: Theme Thursday

Sooooo, yesterday I kind of, sort of blew up my tiny corner of the internet.  Nothing like the big blogs, but I had more hits (and comments!) on my post yesterday than I’ve had on all my other posts  from recent months combined. Which is great! And flattering! But it was also Ash Wednesday and […]

Aperture: Theme Thursday

Good morning, friends! Another installment of Theme Thursday photos, comin’ atcha.  This week we played with our aperture settings a little.  Aperture happens to be my favorite photography trick because I think it can take a blah portrait (especially a close up) and turn it into something much more dramatic. Of course, as I learned […]

Simplify: Theme Thursday

Welcome to Theme Thursday, friends! In an effort to get out and exercise with the kids every day. we’ve started taking daily walks. Since they’re not always super motivated, I’ve resorted to bribery.  If they’re fed, dressed, and ready for the day by 8:15 then we add a stop to the park on the way. […]

Focal point: Theme Thursday

Hi, y’all!  Welcome to Theme Thursday. I keep forgetting to mention it so I’m going to get to it first: These Theme Thursday photography link-ups are set to stay open until the end of the month.  So don’t think you’re out of luck if you don’t get to it right away.  And there’s no rule […]

Rule of Thirds (and Rosalie photo dump): Theme Thursday

Theme Thursday is baaaaaaack! Who’s ready for a challenging and fun line-up over the next couple of months?  This week is Rule of Thirds.  I had to laugh when I looked through my photos from my parents’ house.  Um, they’re ALL Rosalie and they’re ALL outside, and they’re ALL with her in the right “third” of […]

Theme Thursday Photos: January/February Schedule

Well, hello there!  I completely flaked on you TT loyalists last week, didn’t I?  Accept my apologies (I really am very sorry for my procrastinating ways) and move on? I’d be happy to! I’ve made the #ThemeThursdayPhotos schedule for January and February, and I’m both excited and completely intimidated by it.  In January we’ll be […]

Theme Thursday: Advent, week 3

Hi y’all! I’m rushing off to the Nutcracker in a few minutes but I didn’t want to leave you hanging all day.  Here is my first draft for this week’s Theme Thursday. Come on back later and I should have a few more photos for you.  <3 Rejoice   I was hoping to have an […]

Theme Thursday: Advent, week 2

Ah the irony.  I’ve spent hours taking photos and editing them in Photoshop this week, but as they’re for a fellow blogger (bloggess?) they’re not mine to share.  I’ll share them here when she posts her Christmas pictures, though.  🙂 In the meantime, here is my meager contribution to the #HolyLens group this week: an […]