7 tips for having “the Talk” (discussing human sexuality) with your daughter

After spending months preparing for “the Talk” with my daughter, I finally bit the bullet and did it last weekend.  My daughter has been asking to attend the upcoming birth of our baby and while she didn’t necessarily need to know about the birds and the bees before then, I started to notice more questions coming […]

Delirious on the 4th of July: {Quick Takes}

1. This was the first week of Kevin’s summer vacation.  True to Murphy’s Law, I was deathly ill and Kevin had to call in for jury duty every day. Let freedom ring, right? In all fairness, he didn’t have to actually report, but those few minutes of calling every night were highly stressful.  Just go with […]

All About Seeing…

Well, hello there!  Pardon my early Quick Takes.  Mucho time with family, poco time to blog.  I’m going to wrap it all up in one big blog post gift and tie it up in a bow for you. ~1~ Merry Christmas!  I made the conscious decision to use my 50mm lens while the kids were […]