“You poor thing!” 25 Reasons not to pity me and “all those kids”

Lately I’ve been going on morning walks with the kids.  The “carrot” that gets them out the door quickly is a stop at the park if they’re ready to go by a certain time.  It gets me out of the house, gets the kids’ blood pumping (they usually ride bikes, scooter, or skate) and allows […]

7 Housekeeping Tips for Distracted Moms

If you came looking for a housekeeping guru, you’re in the wrong place.  I am not even close to being naturally inclined in that particular domestic art.  But I’ve been a mom for 10 years (whut?) and a stay-at-home-mom for the last 6, so I do have a wee bit of experience under my belt. […]

Playful Parenting: Why and How in 7 Quick Takes

Whenever I write about parenting, I feel like I need to add a disclaimer: I am not a parenting expert.  I make mistakes every day, all day long.  If my kids appear well-behaved, it’s because either you caught them on a really good day, or you are crazy.  Take this advice with an ocean of […]

Playground Parenting

I heaved a sigh as I wandered through our ransacked house, arms full of an odd assortment of toys and trash.  No thieves, no earthquakes, no cabin fever.  Just kid-sized messes piled upon kid-sized messes in every single room and I knew.  Cleaning suddenly seemed to require monumental patience and effort on my part.  I dug […]

Objective Truths in Parenting: Surprise! There aren’t that many!

Dear Me-Three-Years-Ago, Hi, you crazy woman, you.  Life is pretty crazy with 4 kids 5 and under, isn’t it?  You’re busy being a mom and contemplating an international move.  (Nuts, I know.  Oh boy, do I know.)  With all you’ve got going on, one might think that you’d let go of your steadfast opinions on […]