Zelie & Co Charity Auction!

I may have mentioned one time or a thousand that Instagram is my most favorite social media.  It’s just so… pretty.  I can scroll through my Insta feed and feel happily inspired and rarely does it give me any stress whatsoever. (Ahem. I’m looking at you, Facebook and Twitter during election years.) Guess what I […]

3 Reasons I Love Lent

  -1- It gives me superpowers. I have a confession to make.  I don’t love Lent.  It’s difficult and sacrificial and hungry and loooooooong.  I guess that makes the title of this post a little confusing.  Here’s the deal: all of those awful things about Lent are actually things I need to experience from time […]

I Know I Promised Silence…

But apparently I lied. HOWEVER! In my defense, I wrote this article (link below) in the madness of last week. So, perhaps you’ll forgive me just this once? Anywho, would you like to read my thoughts on world peace? And how an episode of My Little Pony, a YA novel, and my camera changed my […]