Escape from Camp 14, WWRW

Hi friends!  Just popping in real quick for What We’re Reading Wednesday because: 1) I’m doing some batch cooking today!  Yes, I am totally nuts.  I have about 4 major meals I’m hoping to prepare today and freeze.  I’ve been wanting to do it for months, and I’m finally taking the plunge.  I’ll post results. […]

Text: Theme Thursday

Getting back to this blog’s roots, roots, roots. (Is that an actual song? It keeps running through my head.) I thought for this week’s Theme Thursday, we’d take a little stroll down Memory Lane, see what type of “text” there was to be found in Koreeeeeea. Whaddaya say, hey? (No alcohol was consumed during the […]

Hotel Life

I think if we were a young childless couple, hotel life would be incredible.  No need to cook or clean, all manner of restaurants at our disposal, gym and sauna upstairs, massages downstairs.  As I said, incredible. With children, it is intolerable.  To put it mildly. Yes, all those perks are still there.  But for […]