Dozen: Theme Thursday

Tonight I’m doing what all procrastinating middle-class American parents are doing: online Christmas shopping and trying to work on our Christmas picture.  Sure, I glanced through the photos after Thanksgiving, and then again last week when we had our second photo shoot.  But since I didn’t see anything that popped out as immediately remarkable, I thought […]

Advent/Christmas Books

I’m trying out the Amazon Affiliate program.  This means that if you click through these links below and buy these books or any others, I get a small portion of the price at no cost to you.  I figure since I  a) regularly recommend books, and b) spend a whole lotta dough on Amazon, this […]

Recess: Theme Thursday

I hope you like a good visual story. A few weeks ago, I put two and two together and realized that one of my beautiful kids struggles from deficient sensory integration. This isn’t an official diagnosis, by any means, but when the shoe fits, a mama knows. Oh, yes. She knows. As a means for […]