Guitar lessons by Skype – say WHAT?

I hooked you with that title, didn’t I?  Oh, come on.  You know you’re wondering: “Why, and HOW would one take guitar lessons by Skype?” I suppose I’m the person to ask because we did, in fact, take guitar lessons this year.  And they were, in fact, over Skype.  Why? Because I’m a busy mom. […]

Dirt: Theme Thursday

If you’re a helminthologist or a hematologist, you will enjoy this post.  If you’re squeamish, look away.  Or scroll (very quickly!) to the last paragraph. That there bottle is full of worm dirt.  Or worm compost.  Or worm poop.  Whatever you want to call it.  2 weeks ago we put some orange peels, dry oatmeal, […]

Help for the Artistically Challenged and Cheese You Won’t Soon Forget

1. Oh. My. Word. What have I gotten myself into? We are two weeks into school and I am exhausted. Oh, the schooling is going quite well. But the extra-curriculars just might kill me. Rather, the effect might be that my home simply collapses under a layer of filth. Honestly, by the end of each […]

Five Favorites: The Procrastinators Edition

I have no excuses, except all the sorry ones I posted on Monday, about why this isn’t the “Organization” post in my homeschooling series.  I am working on it, I promise.  It’s just that I have these little distractions blessings that don’t allow me to blog all day.  Rude, right?  So for now I’ll give […]