Lights: Theme Thursday (The Fail Edition)

Oh, the very specific ideas I had for this week’s theme.  Tonight was our town’s holiday parade, and with the girls marching with their American Heritage Girls troop, I figured it would be the perfect time to capture some gorgeous Christmas lights.  The problem with that is that I should have had oh, I don’t […]

Advent/Christmas Books

I’m trying out the Amazon Affiliate program.  This means that if you click through these links below and buy these books or any others, I get a small portion of the price at no cost to you.  I figure since I  a) regularly recommend books, and b) spend a whole lotta dough on Amazon, this […]

Keeping Christ in Christmas

Just one more Advent post, mmmkay, friends?  Then I promise to bore you with all sorts of other mundane life details.  (Maybe I’ll even work on finishing my birth story series this month.)  Today I’m linking up with the Catholic Bloggers Network for Keep Christ in Christmas.  More info at the bottom of this post. […]

3 Reasons I Love Advent

Each month I host a link-up entitled “3 Reasons I Love Catholicism.”  I love hosting this link-up so much, and reading everyone’s take on Catholicism.  We’re all different but there are some truly inspiring things about our faith.  It feels good to share those things with each other and the world. This month I decided […]

Gratitude: Theme Thursday

The priest at Mass this morning said that our souls are called to gratitude the way a sun coaxes a seed to burst forth from its shell.  Whatever my other failings (and there are many), my heart brims with gratitude. For God’s creation: For family:   For babies, children, elderly…  life at all its stages: For […]

Pumpkin Patch: Hell or a Brilliant Business Idea?

Part 1: What I Miss About Blogging from Korea You know what I miss about blogging from Korea?  I miss sharing all the really cool stuff we did that was so different from life in California.  Some of it was fun, some was a little scary, and some was just downright strange.  Pretty much all […]