Rosalie at 8 months

Whenever I publish an emotional post like the last one (The People NFP Made) I usually a) go dark for a week to recover, and b) like to keep the next one light.  So here’s a photo-heavy post about a completely non-controversial topic: my adorable baby.  Hey!  There’s even a little video because I be […]

Aliya’s First Holy Communion

No, Micaela, you did not just begin and subsequently abandon 3 (three!) different blog posts. Whatever.  This is SO much more important because: JESUS! Aliya received her First Holy Communion on Mothers Day weekend.  (Along with Kevin and Zeke’s birthdays, plus a tea party.  Whew!)   The dress: has a story, of course.  It was […]

Best Ever Picture of a Korean Restaurant

So I’m scraping together my very last brain cells to write a What We’re Reading post (for which I have read many Caldecott books this week) when all of the sudden, my sister-in-law Vanessa sends me a picture.  And I simply had to drop every last thing and make a meme from this photo because […]

Blog? What Blog?

Blog?  What blog?  Micaela?  Who’s that? This is the longest blog hiatus I’ve taken since our camping vacation this past summer.  So while I’m sure I have lots to say (when do I not have lots to say?) it’s all coming in fits and starts with no rhyme and very little reason.  Forgive me in advance. […]