Something beautiful

It’s September, you guys.  It’s the beginning of fall (if you live anywhere in the northern hemisphere other than here), and of school days, of slightly cooling temperatures, and the onset of falling leaves. Unfortunately, it’s also the beginning of election campaigning.  I’ve seen a smattering of political posts in my Facebook feed, and I already […]

Put Love There: Politics and Friendships

Last year I wrote a series of three posts on the intersection of two very dear topics: politics and friendship.  I had pretty much all but forgotten about them until I wrote my Most Posts a few weeks ago.  I didn’t include them for some reason, but they’ve been wandering around my brain for weeks on […]

Win Friends and Influence People on Facebook

Hello, my name is Micaela, and I’m a recovering Facebook Jerk. I’ve been clean for almost 3 months now, and I felt it was time I made my recovery public. You see, I used to use Facebook as a way to share all my beliefs, controversial or otherwise, with very little concern for my friends’ […]