A Toddler’s Bedtime To-Do List

All 4 of our kids sleep in the same room.  We have a twin/full bunk bed and a twin mattress on the floor.  The boys share the full size bottom bunk, sleeping perpendicular to “normal.”  It worked for Gianna and Aliya for awhile and now it’s working well for the boys. Sort of. After we […]

Dozen: Theme Thursday

Tonight I’m doing what all procrastinating middle-class American parents are doing: online Christmas shopping and trying to work on our Christmas picture.  Sure, I glanced through the photos after Thanksgiving, and then again last week when we had our second photo shoot.  But since I didn’t see anything that popped out as immediately remarkable, I thought […]

Double: Theme Thursday

We’ll go ahead and call this one what it is: Double Trouble   This is part of my split view every Wednesday.  I’m inside the gym, trying to watch Gianna and Aliya in two different gymnastics classes while also keeping an eye on the boys so they don’t trip anyone, kill each other (note the […]