Spring Clean Along, Day 2: Bedroom

Spring Clean Along, Day 2: Bedroom


Clean out your closet, ~40 minutes

I’m the worst at clothes.  My stuff mostly ends up in piles.  It doesn’t help that we’re sort of between seasons and I’m sort of between sizes right now.  But because I love you and you totally motivated me yesterday, I put a few minutes into my closet for you today and here’s what I got.

~Sort clothes into piles: give away, store, keep, and mend (If you’re the mending type.  If you’re not, “mend” goes in give away, sister!)

~Fold clothes and put them back in an orderly fashion.  Find space for everything.

~Sweep the closet floor.

~Move any non-clothing/non-accessory items elsewhere, if at all possible.

Check out the before and after.

Closet before after Closet before after 2


If you’re the nosy type (like me), here’s what I did with all the excess:  One large bag to give away, 1 box of winter clothes moved to the garage, and one giant down comforter stored in the linen closet.

Sweep out under your bed, ~15 minutes

I really hate this job, because it gives me an allergy attack every time.  But I did it.  For you.  And for me, because wow, am I on a roll.  Check out the loot that was hiding under our bed!

You never know when a Sith lord might attack...

You never know when a Sith lord might attack…

Little Helpers: Wipe down baseboards

Keep little hands busy with a helpful task.  Give your child(ren) wet washcloths and have them wipe down the baseboards while you work!


I threw all the linens in the washer and washed them, and replaced the bedskirt that was removed weeks ago for reasons I cannot remember.  Winning?  Yes, I think I am winning at this spring cleaning.

May I suggest a prayer intention to assist you in your cleaning?

For all our brothers and sisters who live in poverty, especially those in need of clothes.  May they receive aid from loving hands, warm smiles, and the knowledge that our God has a special love for them.

Question for you:

For tomorrow’s task, which would you prefer?

A) A full bathroom cabinet clean-out  OR

B) Kid’s closet overhaul


  1. I just did my bookcase in the front room. wish i woulda done before/after shots. but, MIL is coming in a matter of Hours. Eek. Now for kitchen and shopping. Nice job on the closet and oven!

  2. Don’t forget to observe the Sabbath. Rest on the Lord’s day!

  3. Cecilia is a cleaning nut today – I’ve put her to work cleaning the playroom table, the bathroom, the windowsills, the baseboards… And she keeps asking what she can clean next! If only I were as motivated as as she is!
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