Spring Clean Along, Day 1: Kitchen

Gotta keep these short and sweet.  Less talk-y, more clean-y, as we might say around here.

Spring Clean Along, Day 1: Kitchen

Clean oven, ~15 minutes

I usually take the easy, “self-clean” route on my oven, but lately it’s been smoking like crazy whenever I try it, so today I had to employ actual elbow grease.  I filled the sink with hot water, added a capful of vinegar and a capful of cleaner concentrate (I have some Mrs. Meyers hanging around), and then took a scrubber sponge and went to work.  Important note: I wasn’t going for perfection here.  My goal was to get the grease minimized enough to be able to use the self-clean again.  For the oven window, which was dis-gus-ting , I mixed baking soda and lemon juice, and left it for 30 minutes. (Do this step before cleaning out the fridge.  Take a break from the oven and then come back for the next step.  After my timer beeped, I took a scrub brush to it (and I scrubbed and I scrubbed and I scrubbed some more, rinsed and voila!  I still decided to run the self-clean feature last night, and lo and behold, it did not smoke up the house.  Win!  Check out the before and after.


Clean out refrigerator, ~35 minutes

You know how to do this.  I used the same sink concoction as above (hot water, vinegar, cleaner concentrate).  Dump all spoiled or expired food and condiments. Place all other food onto a counter surface.  Remove shelves and drawers and wash in the sink.  Wipe the walls and the bottom of the fridge.  Dry drawers and shelves and replace.  Replace food.  Pat yourself on the back and take a picture!  Share it on the CA to Korea Facebook page, just for fun.



De-clutter storage containers and silverware drawer, ~15 minutes

Match lids to containers.  Recycle or giveaway any orphans.  Find any stowaway silverware, any broken pieces, any odds and ends, take them out and recycle them or give them away.

Little Helpers: Wipe down cabinet fronts

Keep little hands busy with a helpful task.  Give your child(ren) wet washcloths and have them wipe down the lower cupboard doors while

May I suggest a prayer intention to assist you in your cleaning?

For all those suffering from war or violence, especially those in Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela.  May they receive the aid they need in the moment they need it, and may God ease their burdens and protect them and their families.


I haven’t forgotten about 3 Reasons.  I’m having a hard time writing a post since I’ms still very much in the season of Lent.  Ne’ertheless, I’ll be working on it and will do my best to get it to you by Sunday evening.


  1. What an inspiration!
    I plan to do more today.

  2. I really like the idea of attaching a prayer intention to spring cleaning. Thanks for sharing your tips!
    Abbey recently posted…Five-Minute Friday: PaintMy Profile

    • It helps me too. Today, as I cleaned out my closet, I prayed for all those in poverty. Talk about humbling as I’m complaining about my lack of clothes.

  3. I’m a cleaning product junkie. Now, I have to get some Mrs. Meyers. I cannot clean out my fridge without my handy dandy magic eraser, gets all of those weird skid marks (red? blue?) off the walls.
    Jessica @ housewifespice recently posted…7QT: Funguses and PhonesMy Profile

    • Right? What are those skid marks? Labels, I suppose? Still, so strange. I am incapable of keeping Magic Erasers in my house. It’s like the second I buy them, the kids write all over every single wall and I have to use them up.

  4. great post! What a practical and vocation-oriented way to enter into Holy Week and to prepare heart and home for Easter! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Theresa recently posted…Seven Things I Can Safely Promise I Will Never CrochetMy Profile

  5. Done! Went to my incredibly dusty, no-bathroom house today and scrubbed the heck out of my empty fridge while my kids adored all the toys they’ve been missing (i.e. they left me alone!). Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. oh my gosh I did this today to my oven – the lemon juice and baking soda and everything – oh my disgusting, I had no idea it was even possible to see out of the window on it! Thank you! Haha
    Jenny recently posted…How to Ensure Your Kids Have an (un)Magical ChildhoodMy Profile

    • YAAAAAY! I’m so glad it worked for you too. It always makes me laugh when my kids are peering into the oven (before its new clean state), trying to see the muffins or whatever. I can just tell it’s like looking through some kind of Rorschach window pane.


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