tl;dr : Let’s chat over coffee, shall we?

I feel like my posts lately have been very… informative (?) and not as chatty as I like to be.  So let’s take a quick break from all that hullabaloo and catch up with each other, okay?  You, me, some coffee, and the hot topics in our lives.


Jenna @ Call Her Happy has a format that I think will be a great jumping off point.  You know how sometimes you miss out a few of your favorite blogger’s posts and then WHAM, the next post you find out she’s pregnant and moving across the world?  Yeah, it’s happened to me too. Enter tl;dr (too long; didn’t read). So here’s a quick summary of my posts over June, plus some questions for you people.  Because I like you.  I reeeeheeeheeeeheeeeaaaally do.

Things I talked about here on the blog:

*by gifts, I mean hugs.

Things I wrote elsewhere:

Instagram Photo Dump:

If you don't already follow me on Instagram, you can find me here: micaela_darr

If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, you can find me here: micaela_darr

Now it’s your turn: (Optional, but my favorite part, so don’t deny me!)

  • Favorite thing you read this month? (Online or book form)
  • Any summer plans?
  • Ideas for baby girl names?  (Honestly, we may already have one picked, but I never tell before the birth.  I’m afraid of commitment like that.  And you never know: if your name is super fantastic, it may take the cake.)
  • Favorite summer recipe?

Alright, friends, that’s all for tonight.  Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. The rest of the interview is ON MY TO-DO LIST FOR TODAY!
    Clementine. I love that name so much. After St. Clement. Ken always says no, just like he always says no to Coyote. He’s so conventional.

    Loved your piece in CE.
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    • Clementine! Oh, I love that name. So sunny and happy, and it makes me think of citrus, which is always good. Last week, on our drive north, I asked Kev if he wanted to play the name game. “What’s that?” he asked. Me: “Oh, you know. I make name suggestions, and you nix them all.” So we played, and about 10 minutes into it, he asked how he was doing. “Fine,” I said. “You win. I’m done.”

  2. Baby girl! I love the name Marigold, but Mike nixed it, so you should just use it for me. And, I have a feeling that I am going to be pestering you non-stop when I actually start (IF I start) homeschooling our kids. So much bothering you.

    Thank you for linking up 🙂
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    • Marigold! I love it. So sunny and happy. We were toying with “Mary” but it’s not really the style of the rest of our names. I also like the Spanish Marisol, which either means “sea and sun” or “Mary (of the) sun.” Bother away, if the day ever comes.

  3. I love the name Allegra. It means joy. We would have used it for our one and only girl, but in 1999 some dumb pharmaceutical company came out with a big ad campaign for a new allergy medication named, you guessed it, Allegra.

  4. Hey Micaela
    Loving your interviews and posts in your link up! They’re so fun and informative. I’d love to write a post on “how I do it” but time has not allowed me to blog much at all…just quicky posts here and there. Have not done much blog reading either and I miss it…but since our school yr is over as of last Fri…I’m relaxing for a few min and getting caught up on a few fave blogs ( such as yours) before I begin the day!

    SO SO excited for you and your family….another little miracle!

    What have I read this month? Loving Liane Moriairty. ( sp?) What ALice Forgot. I res’d another of hers for our trip…..
    Summer plans? We are driving/camping cross country…leaving this weekend for the SW of the US, mainly. I don’t think we’ll actually see the Pacific on this trip but we plan to go as far west as Death Valley. (Last year was the midwest ( Mark Twain’s home in MO thru CO, UT, no NV and no CA…San Fran, Yosemite, etc.) This year, all the canyonlands of UT, AZ, NM and Vegas too. So we’re crazy getting everything packed for the tent adventures……
    Baby girl names….we have boys, but we did have these names picked out for girls just in case ( we did not find out the gender prior to birth) For the older ones: LILY or PAIGE and for my youngest who was due on Christmas Eve…but came 8 days early…..we chose MARY. We used none of the names though!!
    Havea great day, Micaela and thanks for sharing all the fun in your post.:)
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    • Happy summer! I am super duper jealous of your road trip. When did you start taking these trips? I remember the photos form last year. My hubby and I have wildly different opinions on this. I want to start traveling across country ASAP. He wants to… possibly never. No, haha, kidding. But he dreads long trips with kids. (Not without basis.)

      • Hey there

        I hear ya on the trips. Three weeks is our limit and that’s pushing it. First of all, even tho we don’t camp too primitively, it’s still a but trying to have to gather your stuff, drag over to the bathhouse and wait on line for a shower. (I do go armed with a mega size can of lysol !) No elec is a tad inconvenient too. Secondly, it”s great family time, but let’s be honest, it’s a lot of togetherness in a tent and vehicle. There’s really no down time or alone time to catch your breath.. Really, we all need a little space once in a while! So while the togetherness factor is awesome, lots of amazing memories, really, we know our limits!

        We started taking these trips to see sections of the country in 09. We did Gettysburg and DC then. In ’10 we drive south to VA,NC, SC and FL….historical sites plus Disney. In 2011 we did the NE…historical Boston, Plimoth,etc.Then in ’12 we started going west. We stayed north that year to MN, SD, WY, MT and the Pac NW. In ’13 we stayed sort of midwest and no CA.
        It’s been awesome and I can’t believe we’ve been traveling for this many summers.
        In Aug we RELAX for a week at a lake in the Adirondacks. (m upstate) That’s our real vaca! We do nothing but sit by the lake, swim, boat, play games and read for a week.

        Enjoy your summer, Micaela! Be well…Will cont to say prayers for your good health!

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  5. I’m terrible at picking girls names. The last girl name we picked, we chose because it was German sounding and “not very popular’. Then Disney goes and makes a major motion picture with that name and the not so popular name of Elsa is no doubt now going to be super popular now. Grrrr..
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    • HA! I sort of know your pain. When Gianna Maria was born, I’d never met anyone with that name. Then, a few months later, Kobe Bryant named his daughter Gianna Maria Diamante, or something like that. I was ticked. 🙂

  6. Just this weekend, Mike had to explain “tl;dr” to me! (He’s my newscaster/cultural literacy expert/coffee guru, all rolled into one.)

    That picture of Kevin changing a tire is even more impressive now that I know he can also dunk!

    My favorite read this summer is probably “The Last Policeman” by Ben Winters (maybe at Kendra’s suggestion?). I really loved Jennifer Fulweiler’s book, but I’m just a sucker for fiction. My favorite thing might have been “Hatchet” by Gary Paulson, as an awesome adventure story for a certain almost-9-year-old boy I know, except the backdrop of the story is a divorce and secret marital infidelity. Ruined a perfectly good story for no reason! I’m still peeved!

    Love the name Renata. Queen in latin, plus my mom’s name is Renee. Mike hasn’t been on board, though, preferring the Italian virgin martyr crowd instead.

    Best summer recipe is no mayo chicken salad: chopped chicken, grapes, celery, almonds, peas, dried cranberries and green onion + oil, vinegar, S&P = yummy!

    I’m loving your blog these days, even if you’ve been less chatty than you’d like. Keep typing!

    • Whoops! Renata is still latin, but actually means rebirth (English renewal) not queen. But I still love it.

    • Don’t you just HATE when a good book gets ruined like that? Oh my goodness. I feel your anger even though I haven’t read the book.

      You one-upped me on the tl;dr. I read a few posts with that title and didn’t even get it. Not at all. I think I figured out what it was on Monday.

      Stay tuned: I’ve got a couple more HS posts coming down the pipe, and one of them is Kendra’s. 😀