All the things I didn’t write about this week… You’re welcome.

So I’ve started 3 whole posts this week, and haven’t completed any.  (The book review I actually started last week, so it doesn’t count.)  Right now I am awake at an unreasonable hour because I got up to exercise, and by some miracle not all the kids are hanging off my legs, even though I’ve been up for like, 45 minutes!  (I think I just heard someone.  Not kidding.)

Here are all the things that luck/good fortune/my laziness have saved you from.

1. Controversial topics

I started a post about all the ways in which I am counter-cultural.  They include: not using contraception, co-sleeping, avoiding most allopathic medicine, homechooling, plus a few others… I got about halfway through the post and I was too… annoyed with myself to continue.  Suffice it to say, I kind of like being different, but I don’t necessarily need to talk about it all the time.


2. A VLOG (Video Blog) on Korean BBQ Restaurants

I was messaging with Jessica of Housewifspice last weekend because she, like any sane pregnant woman, was interested in going out to eat Korean BBQ.  Having just been to Koreatown, I was in the mood to share my tips.  After getting cramps in my fingers from pushing a lot of tiny digital buttons on my phone, I groaned, “I should just do a VLOG on this. It would be so much easier, especially with pronunciation.”

Only problem is, I dislike my voice.  A lot.  Oh, and I’m uber particular about the way I look in pictures.  An educated guess: it’ll take me a gazillion takes to get something remotely acceptable.  But don’t worry, Jessica, I’m still planning to do it.  I just need a make-up artist and a voice coach first.  🙂

In the meantime, here’s a pic I shared last week.

Baby on Korean restaurant floor


3. Homeschool Year in Review: Stick with it or ditch it.

I mentioned in my last Quick Takes that I have a friend considering homeschooling in the fall.  I started a post reviewing all our materials this week, and then I went on Google Docs and started making a spreadsheet and a calendar for next year, and then I went to Rainbow Resource and started filling my Wish List basket, and oh my lawdy lawdy.  That is a rabbit hole if I’ve ever been down one.  Never fear, Ms. Katie.  The post is on its way.  It’s just taking me a lot longer than expected.



4.  Dreams

My husband thinks sharing dreams is weird and uninteresting.  I disagree.  For instance, last night I had a dream where the town I lived in was under air strikes from  ??? another country, probably?  The interesting things were that the cast of characters was like a who’s who of people in my life, past and present.  If I knew you in high school, or college, or when I was a working gal, or in South Korea, or even now, you were probably in this dream.  The other cool thing was that the makeshift bomb shelter we were in did this crazy vertical flip and…

Okay, fine.  Sharing dreams is weird.

Because: funny!

5. Second Trimester, here I come!

Technically I have a few days to go until 2nd trimester, but most (all?) of my first tri symptoms are gone.  Not really tired much anymore, no nausea for the last week or so, etc.  I got a little worried about the symptoms disappearing too soon, but then I went to the doc on Monday and baby looks great.  He/she is 6 cm now!  That’s like, totally visible!  Awesome, right?

Okay, I’m done now.


6. I lose things a lot

This does not warrant its own post, or maybe even its own Quick Take, but here goes anyway.  I lose things all. the. time.  It drives me (and everyone who loves me) totally insane.  It is only made a million times worse by my children, who also lose things.  Right now the thing that is lost: EZEKIEL’S GLASSES!  YIKES!  Please pray I find them soon.  We’re going away for the weekend and I do not want to be without them.



7. Kendra’s Series: Tierneys, Unmasked

So you know my IRL friend Kendra, right?  She is putting me to shame with her blogging lately.  I mean, she’s on vacation in France and still posting regularly.  I remember when I was about 6 days pregnant and I spilled the beans to her, she said, “You’d better get some posts in the can so you have something to publish when you’re exhausted and nauseous.”

Yep, the best pregnancy advice I didn’t take.

Anyhoo, she has a great series right now in which she is introducing her family to us via interviews.  Maybe it’s because I know them in person, but this series is totally cracking me up.  Maybe I’ll do something like it for when this little knucklehead is born.  (Seriously, it would take me that long to get ahead.) Anyway, you should totally click over there and read them if you haven’t already.  I think she’s done her husband and the 3 oldest kids so far.

Alright, enough shirking my duties.  Time to git to teachin’!  Click on over to Jen at Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. I am the exact same way about my voice. I sound like a man. I’m cringing just thinking about it!
    Beth (A Mom’s Life) recently posted…7 Quick Takes. Some good news and me trying not to whine about my weight.My Profile

  2. I hear you on Take 1. I’ve started writing that post twice and both times they ended up in the trash. It’s just hard to explain those things without sounding like a self-righteous know-it-all. At least it’s hard for me! But yay for crunchiness!
    I’m still pretty sure Kendra is a robot. 😉 I’ve been enjoying her vacation blogging, though.
    Nichole @ Yackity Shmackity recently posted…What’s new in Chomtown (7QT)My Profile

  3. I totally get hating your voice… I don’t like to hear myself recorded, either. But WE ALL LOVE to hear your voice. And this pregnant lady totally needs to have Korean BBQ with you, pregnant lady! It’s my absolute FAVE.

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this post!!
    LOVE each of the 7….( except of course losing the glasses, yikes. I hope they’re found soon! I’s so unsettling losing stuff….I’m the same way. I think we juggle too many things at once, no?)

    3 and 4: Best pics I’ve seen in a LONG time!

    I’ll look fwd to your end of year wrap post……I can’t even think of doing one OR consider next year’s needs til the beginning of August. I totally need distance…..we finish the year on June 20 and I’ll take 5-6 weeks to decompress before thinking of my own 2014-2015. But I will def look fwd to reading my friends’ projections, curriculum , set ups on schoolrooms, etc for next year!

    And I’m loving Kendra’s series as well!

    Micaela, I’m so happy you’re awful 1st trimester is behind you! Good for you that you’re feeling better!

    Enjoy the weekend!
    chris recently posted…~ 14 ~ A Decade Plus Four Has Flown ByMy Profile

  5. sorry for the typo
    *you’re =your

    chris recently posted…~ 14 ~ A Decade Plus Four Has Flown ByMy Profile

  6. Ha, it did not even occur to me ONE TIME to get posts ready to publish when morning sickness hit… I kind of figured that Lent would disguise it all and people would just assume I was being all penitential instead of being on the internet…

    Penitential meaning lying down and trying to watch the kids while wishing I was asleep? Sure…
    Rosie recently posted…Fashion in the First Trimester and Fourth Trimester: 7 Quick TipsMy Profile