Summer Lovin’, Had Me a Blast


It’s been a whirlwind 13 days since flying in from South Korea.  Family, friends, swimming, a borrowed house that rivals an expensive vacation home, and AH-MAZE-ing weather.  It’s been increible.  (That’s Spanish for ‘stupendous’.)

I don’t know about you, but we’ve been going-going-going, morning, noon, and night.  Swimming, sign language camp, friends and family visits, etc.  There has been little-to-no down time, much less any reading going on around here.  The kids fallheadfirst into bed at 9 pm (!) and wake up at 7:30 am (!!!) only to start it all over again.

It’s been lovely, but it’s time to take a deep breath.



Which brings me to one of my favorite all time posts: Reading Lists.

I’ve had the sometimes-fun, often-tedious task of going over old posts to make sure all the old links and link-ups are working correctly since switching over to WordPress.  I stumbled upon Reading Lists  just in time to save myself from summer mania.  Our family needs to get to the library, stat, and I’m so grateful to all the wonderful linkers who added their suggestions.  This is agold mine, people, and I can take credit for exactly none of it.  Oh!  And the link-up is still live for 251 more days (random,  much?), so if you have a post you’d like to add, please do!



The list of things I miss about Korea is looooong, but I don’t have much time to ponder it.  I’ve been distracted by the pure awesomeness of a California summer.  My 2 favorite things from this week:


Marriage plans have been in the works since before their births.

It’s gonna be awkward if they don’t get married.  I’ve got the slide show for their rehearsal dinner all planned out.


Uncle Al’s surprise 70th birthday party.  We love you, Uncle!



You know, cause he’s old? Like a dinosaur? (Not my joke. Wink wink, Uncle!)




 Have you seen this Ted Talk?  It’s on the subject of what babies learn in utero.  It is fascinating.  Watch it, really.  Even an avowed “birthy” like me didn’t know some of this stuff.



If you enjoyed that one, you are going to be absolutely floored by this one:

Can you believe the technology behind those images?  Just to be clear, those were actual images taken of actual babies in utero.  Incredible.



My political 2 cents in light of those two videos above:

The plethora of scientific advances made in the 40 years since Roe v. Wade should radically alter the late-term abortion discussion.  One can no longer make valid claims about third trimester “clumps of tissue”, or fetuses not feeling pain.  Science is on the baby’s side, and it is irrefutable.

80% of Americans oppose late-term abortion, and yet the abortion rights agenda keeps pushing beyond any reasonable restrictions.  Is there some science I’m missing?


Whew.  That was heavy, I know.  Let me end it on a little uplifting note.  You’ve got until tomorrow to donate to Dwija’s Operation Laundry Room Recovery!

At the time of this writing, the funds are over $7,000!!!  This Borobia family is getting one awesome new laundry room, which is much much needed considering its current state, and the news about Dwija’s probable extended hospital stay in the near future.

That’s all, folks.  Have a wonderful summery weekend.  Make yourselves a cocktail (or mocktail), sit back, and relax.  And enjoy some other Quick Takes at Jen’s place.


  1. In light of #6 I was ranting to my husband about that just yesterday. We had protests here in Ohio because the state budget will de-fund Planned Parenthood. I just don’t understand how anyone can think abortion is okay when they can see pictures of unborn babies. They’re so obviously people. Even at my 9-week ultrasound we could see arms and legs. I just don’t get it.
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    • I guess because, like Anna said, politics trumps truth for a lot of people. To be fair, this is true on a lot of different subjects, and on both ends of the political spectrum, though. But abortion does seem to make a lot of people blind.

  2. The great tragedy is that people are blind and deaf to facts that don’t fit into their (political) beliefs. The abortion-rights folks won’t be convinced of the bankruptcy of their position, no matter how clear the arguments. Our greatest hope for change is in demographics – as more young adults (who statistically are anti-abortion) become voters, and more older adults – those from my generation – die or stop voting, we may see an end to this madness. I hope that the turnaround happens before we go much further down the path that was so well described in “Brave New World”. Maranatha, Lord Jesus!

  3. Wow, what amazing videos! Thanks for posting them. The imagery in the second one was just astounding!

  4. Okay, I finally listened to the Ted talk last night. So incredible. The kids listened in because I had it playing in the kitchen. Really mind opening and just more fuel for the fire we are trying to light in their minds against what is happening in the world around them, that these little ones are people too.
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