Starting the New Year off Right

1.  This happened today:


 Ezekiel got his glasses!  He is just so adorable in them.  Of course it’s not easy, though.  I mean, he’s 2 and he’s wearing glasses, so there is bound to be a learning curve, right?  He loves them, but he also seems to love taking them off and setting them down anywhere, including the floor.

His excuses for taking them off so far:
I don’t want them to get hammered. (When he’s playing with his tool set)
I don’t want them to get bi bim bap on them. (While eating dinner)
I don’t want them to get poop on them.  (When I was changing his diaper)

So now I have to a) get a strap of some sort, and b) some kind of locating device.  I’m thinking of buying one of those key finder things that beeps when you clap.  Think it’ll work? Yeah, me neither.

Image2. My saint of the year:

Blessed Titus Brandsma, as determined by Jen’s Saint of the Year Finder Thingy.

Reasons I already know I like this guy:

A. His nickname is Shorty.  I’ve always wanted Kevin to call me that as a nickname but for some reason he refuses.

B. He’s got what us Californians like to call cojones.  He stood up to the Third Reich and was tortured and killed in a concentration camp.

C. He’s the patron saint of Catholic journalists.  I’m going to go ahead and streeeeeeetch that definition to include bloggers.


3. For my Non-Catholic Friends

“Praying to a saint,” or asking for the intercession of a saint, as you may hear people say, is not worship.  We believe in the Communion of Saints, which basically means we believe that our brothers and sisters in heaven are rooting for us.  Since they have achieved perfection in Heaven and are therefor closer to God, we ask them to intercede on our behalf.  It’s like asking a friend who’s reeeeeeally good at praying to offer one up for you.

Just so you don’t think I’m a nut-job or anything.  😉


4. Continuing with the saint thing

While we were driving to the zoo today I offered to let everyone “choose a saint” from the link above.  Here’s what we got and their reactions.

Gianna: St. Barbatus of Benevento (“Who’s that???”)

Aliya: St. Patrick (“Weeeee!  His feast day is right after my birthday!  I love March!”)

Gabriel: St. Francis of Paola (“Don’t tell me!  I don’t want a saint!  Stoooooop!!!”)

Ezekiel: St. Catherine del Ricci (“NO!  I want St. LION!  ROOOOOOOOAAAAAWWWWWWRRRR!!!!”)


5. I cut Aliya and Gianna’s hair this week.

I always cut their hair, but this time it was a little more complicated than just the straight-across.  I followed this YouTube tutorial and cut cute little bobs.  They’re not perfect, but the girls like them and their hair no longer looks like I let rats nest there, so win-win.

Today their Mimi took them shopping and they each picked out a new headband.  When Gianna picked one out for Aliya, she rejected it and chose another.  “I want one with more color.”

SONY DSCYou think?!

And because Gianna needs a good quote here:

Gianna: (While cuddling with Daddy) Remember when it was just you me and Mommy? ::sigh:: I do.  It was awesome.

Yeah.  She was 17 months old when Aliya was born.

6. Some more funny Zeke:

Zeke: She did a thomerthault!

Me: What?

Zeke: I’m talking like a lion!  ROOOOOOOOAAAAAWWWWWWRRRR!!!!

(Did you know lions had lisps?  I didn’t.)

7. 3 Reasons I Love Catholicism

Today was supposed to be the day I posted my January 3 Reasons.  What with all the hullabaloo, I just couldn’t get it together.  I’m considering a few tweaks. If you’re a regular reader or contributor, please answer the following questions in the comment boxes or via an email to me.

1) Should I take a month off? Y/N

1B) Were you planning to contribute this month?

2) Should I shorten the amount of time the link-up is open to 2 weeks? Y/N

3) Do you have any other input about the link-up?  I’d love to hear any and all constructive criticism.


Go join Jen for other Quick takes!


  1. Zeke looks so sweet in his new glasses, hope he settles in well with wearing them.

    I’m not a regular contributor but was not planning on posting this month and don’t mind if you ‘take a month off’ from hosting.
    Joy recently posted…13 for 2013: A year in reviewMy Profile

  2. I love the link-up and feltlike a derelict for missing out on the Advent one. Was just thinking of posting this weekend to include my saint for the year 🙂

  3. Zenni’s: replacement glasses-dirt cheap. Or Costco and Walmart have this kids’ brand “sports-360.” Or something. They are wire frames but the metal bends every which way. Indestructible! For a year or so at least…

  4. I love the link-up as well, and no, I don’t think you should skip a month. I do however, think you should only keep it open for 2 weeks as it makes it easier for me to go and read what other people write.

  5. Don’t worry too much about the glasses. Although my kids didn’t start wearing them until they were about 5, they quickly became an extension of themselves, part of them. My daughter even sleeps in hers. Once he figures out that they actually help him see better, he wont have a problem leaving them on.

    Although I haven’t contributed to your linkup, I have actually started a post or two about it and just didn’t pull the trigger. I say whatever works for you, I will still read them when I can.
    Angela @ Finding Myself in My Forties recently posted…2013 in PhotosMy Profile

  6. I would feel incomplete without a monthly “3 reasons” linkup, although I have a hard time remembering when it’s time to do the post. I write my post within a couple of days of the linkup, but I’ve noticed that recently people have been contributing posts much later in the month. So if there’s no downside to keeping the link open for the whole month, you just might get some extra links by doing so. I wonder if having a specific theme – saints, sacraments, church history, prayer, etc. – you might get more links. It seems that people do better with a stated theme (e.g. you got more links with the specific theme of Advent than you had before, I believe). Bless you for hosting this linkup; heck, bless you for being alive and loving God!
    Anna recently posted…Musing on bloggingMy Profile

  7. He is so so so cute!!!

  8. The glasses are super cute!

    I love your link-up, but I’m always late, so I sure don’t mind if you are too!! Themes are a great idea, but not necessary if it’s too much hassle for you.
    Catherine recently posted…2013 in 13 photosMy Profile