Seven (Takes) on Saturday

Whoa, Nellie! She’s Late to the Party!

“She” being “me”, and late being, well, fine.  Acceptable, at least.  I had no idea what to write on Saturday, anyway.  I also have no idea who Nellie is. Are you Nellie?  If so, welcome!


Yes, I am punchy.  It’s 12:04 a.m. Saturday as I type this.  Think I can finish it before 12:24?

Yeah, me neither.  But I’ll give it a go anyhow.



The reason it’s so late is because, having no idea what to write on Day 6 of this epic blogging adventure, I decided to, oh, you know, learn some HTML code and CSS and whatnot.  Just another raging Friday night at my house.



The amazing thing is that following a tutorial from Code It Pretty, I was able to download a new Google font, find the RGB of a color I liked, and use Mozilla Thimble to make a pretty little widget for my sidebar.



Are your eyes glazed over?  Yeah, me too.  But at least I can say “It’s 12:08 a.m., dingbat (that’s me)!  Everyone’s eyes are glazed over now!”  What’s your excuse?

Oh, right.  The jargon I spouted off in ~3~.  Sorry ’bout that.   This is what I should have said:



Hey!  Look to the sidebar at the right!  Do you see that pretty multi-hued blue rectangle that has all the fancy links to all the places I hang out?  I MADE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM SCRATCH USING COMPUTER CODES!!! Oops, sorry for yelling.  That wasn’t a nice thing to do to poor little old you with the glazed-over eyes.

I also added that photo of me that shows up everywhere on the Internet with the freaking endearing candy corn earrings.  And a description that will be changed soon enough because it’s too sassy, even for me.  But it’s 12:14, so for now it stays.


A little break in the jargon action, and because I’m feeling punch-drunk (not real drunk, because I’m on antibiotics, yo, and that’s a big no-no.):


This is a place called SkyWalk.  It’s a warehouse that is wall-to-wall trampolines.  Do you have one of these in your area?  If so, GO RIGHT NOW!  It was so stinking fun.  Kids, teens, adults, we all had a blast.  One hour of jumping and your kids will sleep for 3 days.  Okay, that’s not a promise, but it might work!  You should try it and let me know.



Today is the last day to enter the GiveAway!  I want to give you free money!  Why won’t you take it?

Also, as mentioned above, today is my second to last day of this 7 Posts in 7 Days blogging challenge.  Tomorrow I will announce the GiveAway weiner winner and then you won’t have to hear from me for a couple days.


Hey!  I heard that audible relieved sigh, all the way from your house in the future.  That wasn’t nice, you know.  To make up for it you should head over to Jen’s and read some Quick Takers who are less sleepy/crazy.

12:38 a.m.  I lose.


  1. I’m very impressed with your code skills! Also, never noticed the candy corns but now I will only see them 😉
    Mary @ Better Than Eden recently posted…Seven Quick Takes – The Scandalous EditionMy Profile

  2. Wow, I like the sidebar and am very impressed with the whole writing code ~ make computer do what you ask it too thing.
    Joy recently posted…Quick Takes # 139, Work’n the Tired NeuronsMy Profile

  3. SOO impressed! Will you be my bloggy guru? I feel so lost in this world so much of the time!